You know, anyone can write a song and it’s a lot of fun.. you should give it a try.  We write a lot of songs…  well at least a good dozen or more that we’ve actually got finished and put to music and all.  It’s nice to have a band that can play them, but still, even an old guitar and a little singing can go a far way.

Songwriting is something that just really is cool…  I get the biggest thrill when we get a new song all finished up, the words work nice and then get a simple melody and get it working.   And then we bring it to the band…  and that’s where it gets delightful.   It just springs to life.   Other musicians help to tweak the sound and the next thing you know, you’ve got something brand new that can now be enjoyed by the whole world!

We’re working on our first CD and that is so exciting…  and it’s going to be 90% original material!  All the guys in our band write and dabble at it, so it’s just such a treat!

I write souly with my songwriting partner, Jeff… and you can see more and hear more at our little website on our band site… Click here to visit, but come back!

And enjoy our latest song…   called Next Time

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Bad Car-ma

Okay…. it’s been a tough 3 months on me…  I’ve taken out at least 3 cars in 3 months…   and the therapy is going to cost me a ton if I don’t get a little better carma going on….


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Good Old ’83


She was only $800, and was a little sad and lonely, but we love our old moby and think she’s looking purdier and purdier each day…

You can read all about our whole rehab… well, it’s still a work in progress, no doubt but you can read about the first 6 months to make her habitable again… it was some serious hard work, but we love her.

Here’s a walk through video of the first day….

You can visit our website all about the rehab here:

And you can see all our YouTube videos by clicking here…

This Old Moby

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