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As we head into this 2020 winter, I am reminded of all the crazy things that have gone on this year.  Of course, there is the Covid-19 pandemic and all the crazy things that has encompassed.  But this year has been especially hard and yet endearing to us in so many ways.  We had a massive flood that just gave us a huge scare and just a ton of damage…  we lost my father, the girl’s grandfather quite suddenly and with much sadness.  We worked hard to keep our businesses afloat, to make due when everything was insane and we thank God for our wonderful customers and friends that were a hand to help and a shoulder to cry on when needed.  We did some much needed updating and some remodeling to our century old farm and farmhouse and we got my dream cottage up and finally going.  I’ve had some hard health issues to deal with and we just have had a lot on our plates.

And through it all, my blogging just kind of went a bit to the wayside.  It happens.  It’s been over ten years now that I have been maintaining this bit of family history, this journal of our lives as they ebb and flow through the years.  Good, bad and ugly!  But that is just life, isn’t it?

Well, I hope to try and get things back and going again.  The winter is a good time for that.  Things are settling down a bit and lots of the heavy lifting of the other three seasons around our little farm are calm and off to rest.  It is a great time to catch up on naps and health and get some quiet time and rest in our souls.  Get a little more control and simpify life a little more.  It’s all good.

I think I will spend a few posts just kind of catching up on some of the things that happened this last 6 months or so.  Some farm things, family and of course, the cottage build and finish!   As you can see, I’m all moved in and just adore it so much.  It’s been the one calming situation in a rather chaotic year!  Of course, the big house is just a hundred feet away so it’s a little more like a mom retreat, but that is quite OK with me and the powers that be.  After three years of coming out each spring to check on my permits and build progress, it was so wonderful to FINALLY have something ready to go for the fellow from the county!   He was so happy for us.  He gave me a super hardy handshake and signed off on all the tax updates and permit things…  He wished me luck decorating the inside and hoped that I would enjoy it.  It was super wonderful to see him so happy to finally see my dream come to reality!  I almost wish he would come back again in the spring of 2021 to see how it’s all coming together.  That would be delightful.

As so many blogs seem to do, its easy for life to get in the way and time to pass.  And then there is the catch up post and the “I’ll do better” post and the pledge to keep at things.  I honestly do hope to do so.  Hopefully a post or three a week until I am a little more in touch with the current times!  Hope you will enjoy the ride along…

Maybe I’ll even figure out how to enable the comments again!  Maybe not.   We shall see.   You can always reach me at my email…   sherri  at Chekal . com.  (Just make sure to use the little @ sign instead of “at”.   Crazy that we still have to do that these days.  A straight up email will get me a flood of weird emails and such!  No fun…

And don’t forget you can find us on Facebook and sometimes that is easier for day to day updates, but the blog is the place for the real nitty gritty!!!

So off to the first catch up post…  all about getting the sheep gang sheared this spring!!!!

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