Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Angora Goats


Long time, no write!

I am so sorry…  life just got so so super busy!

I hope to try and do a little 2018 in review and then get back to regular blogging.  I miss it!

We are all fine, safe, and happy…

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

Sherri, Jessy and Maggie

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Meet Carmel…


Our friend at the feed store had a pair of guinea pigs…  and one passed away.

Her piggy that was left was sad.  And just mopey.  So she asked us if they might want her single guinea pig girl for our single guinea pig girl, Sweetie!   How could we say no?

And she came with a lovely nice cage…  We said sure, as long as our piggy got along with her.  So we brought Caramel home.  And set up the big cage and then introduced the two ladies…

IMG_2844 IMG_2843 IMG_2839

As you can see, they got along famously.  Even the kitties were amazed at the lovely friendship that has developed.  We thought we were done with little rodents, being that my girl children are both in their twenties now, but I guess that guinea pig ownership has no limits!

I have to admit, they are adorable and they are fun to talk to and give little kitchen treats.

And it’s so nice that they have friends for their lives now.  I think Sweetie is very happy to have someone to snuggle with and groom.  It’s important for guinea pigs to have friends because they are herd animals.  It’s just makes things good for them.   And it’s not that much harder to take care of two piggies as it is to take care of just one.

Welcome to the farm, Miss Caramel!!!

IMG_2827 IMG_2822 IMG_2818 IMG_2814 IMG_2812 IMG_2809

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It’s CRAZY here!

Sorry for being out of touch!  It’s Lambing Season!  Kinda like Shark Week, but with more cuddly babies and less sleep!

We had a dozen ewes all waiting in line to have their lovely little spring bundle of joy!  So far, all twins except one lady!  And we have five more to go!  Oh my gosh…


Oh dear!  What a crazy time, we are all cold, wet and exhausted.

But there is nicer weather on the horizon, just two more storms to get through and then by the weekend, we might actually get some decent weather.

Until then…  here are some of the cute pictures!!!

And if you go and follow us on Facebook, you can learn  more of the up to the moment news and such.  You don’t have to be on Facebook to see our farm page…  Search for  WindhavenFarmOhio…


IMG_3809 IMG_3815 IMG_3816 IMG_3850 IMG_3854 IMG_3877 spicenlambs IMG_3951 IMG_3896

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