Seems like forever…


What a crazy time it’s been, since I have been blogging regularly.  I didn’t mean to just stop and I do rather enjoy it, it’s just that things got super crazy for awhile there and I just got out of the routine of it and well, life happens.

Everyone is okay.  We have had a few losses.  Primarily, my dear father back in July of 2020 and then this last few weeks ago, we lost of sweet dog, Evee.  We are still just so heartbroken over both…  It’s hard to describe how much you miss a super girl like our Evee.  She was just part of our lives day in and day out. It’s still so very raw.

My little cottage is doing great!  I can’t believe it but it’s been over a year now and I even have the front porch on it!  Our friend Brayden did a marvelous job out of scrap lumber and twine and just pure determination!  I just adore it and I am so ready to get so much use out of in 2021.  We got it all finished in about the end of September so the true using of the space has been a little diminished with the cold weather now here.  However, the kitties really love to go out and run around a bit and then come back in after they get their fur all rustled and standing up and a crazy snap in their step from the chillies!

Yes, I had added a new kitty to my own little cottage kitty collection… A sweet little young man I call Lester.  So now we have the famous bluegrass duo… Flatt and Scruggs, or, well, Lester and Earl.  He is super cute and he just came running over to the cottage one evening while the girls were here and wanted a warm meal and a snuggle!  We checked him for a micro chip and then checked with neighbors and our local Facebook page and such, and no one claimed him.  So we have!   He and Earl are just best buddies and it really has worked out great.  They stay full time at the cottage now and have a lovely life.  Birdy TV and toys and window sills to lounge in and fluffy afghans and blankets to nap in.  And of course, each other to rough and tumble with!  What more can you ask for as a kitty?


Miss Maggie got her new workshop!  And it’s a dandy…  It’s 10 x 20 and she plans to add an additional side shed to it eventually for more storage.  But it’s so much nicer than the awful cold and damp screen porch she was working in.  She still has a little more final fixing up to do to it, but it’s already helping productions and spirits greatly!  Once we are through the holiday rush, we should be able to do a little more fixing and making it just super wonderful for her!!!


That is about most of the highlights of the last little while.  I promise to try and keep up with things in the future and perhaps flashback to a few fun projects the last year or so.  Thanks for checking in, if you do!

We post pretty regularly on our Facebook page…   WindhavenFarmOhio…  And through our business page on Facebook as well…  WindhavenFiberTools.

Chat soon!  Miss you all!

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Moving on up!


Last summer, we were able to purchase a lovely yard tractor for our little farm homestead.  A gift from my father that will last us many years we hope.  Miss Maggie is the major driver of our new Husquavarna lawn tractor!  We bought it from our friends at Superior Farm and Feed nearby and we are sure that they will be able to help us keep our new baby good and helpful for us for years and years!


We have 3 acres and even though we have sheep and goats that help keep most of our homestead in mown shape, they are not perfect and it gets away from them.  And the tractor is not just for mowing but with it’s lovely little trailer we can use it for a wide variety of chores around the place.  Moving hay and rocks, picking up trash and vegetation trimmings and such, this tractor is going to really make things so much easier!  Paul taught Maggie all about how to run it and how to take care of basic maintenance.  We also ordered a nice cover for the baby, too!


Jessy gave it a whirl as well and so did I.  It drives so nice and does a lovely job of keeping the estate all nice and tidy!   And it even was great at moving all my goodies out to the cottage.  We hope to add a few attachments to help with leaves and detaching and maybe even a snow plow blade!  It’s powerful enough to take on many jobs.  It’s not quite a full blown tractor, of course, but it’s much more powerful than just a mower.  We are super pleased with the beast and hope to really make good use of this baby in the many years to come!  IMG_8809

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Friends come to visit!

IMG_8210Our friend Jeff and Shelly came out to visit one fine summer afternoon.  It was Shelly’s birthday as well as Miss Jessy’s and that was fun!  Of course, we have to spend some time visiting and feeding the WIndhaven petting zoo!  Buttercup is the tour guide and of course, you must tip her accordingly so that the tour goes nicely.

IMG_8211 IMG_8213

Isn’t my little cottage so darling, tucked back in the old garden space?  Maggie picked the spot for me and I am so glad she did.  I originally thought I would like it way out back where the ponies live but I think that would have been a little open and not quite what I wanted.  Having it tucked back in the old garden is so perfect and I love that area anyway!  IMG_8214 IMG_8215

Shelly likes to follow along with us all on Facebook, so this was a lovely surprise for her to come out and visit with the baby lambs and get her fill of farm life for the afternoon!  I always love to have friends stop by and just hang out and enjoy all that is our little farm.  It’s a beautiful place and we love to share it.

IMG_8218 IMG_8221

Freya is no dummy!  She knows where the cuddles are and was quick to warm up and love the attention.  The other lambs are a little skittish, but they warmed up as well, especially when cookies are involved!  IMG_8222

Big Gary decided to show off and jump up on the kitchen counter top for our outdoor kitchen!  What a crazy boy…  He is such a big boned dude for sure.


Jeff got a little cuddle time with Freya as well.  She is an equal opportunity lap lamb!!!  It was so cool for them to see my little cottage in it’s brand new raw state.  I do hope that they come out next summer to see it all pretty and finished up!   We should have a little cookout…  that would be lovely fun.



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