Hair Cut Time on the Ranch…


Justin came over to test his new clippers on our bunnies and Dreamy, the pygora buck.   The bunnies were easy to shear, they actually are pretty comfy with it all.   They just sit on your lap and let you trim away.   Miss Tora really had some nice length on her fluff!   It will spin nicely…  blend in with the other Windhaven fibers…



Dreamy is such a sweetheart of a buck.   He doesn’t act all “bucky”….  in fact, he’s just a very laid back and sweet boy.   He just stood quietly with his head up against my leg, and hardly flinched a bit.  This was Justin’s first attempt at a larger animal, so he was going very carefully, learning how to handle the big shears.

Some folks shear pygoras like you do sheep, which is sort of flipping them on their rumps and working downward and through a series of very systematic cuts and trims.   Dreamy is pretty little and frankly, he was fine with just standing.

His pygora fleece is very nice…  he has type A fleece, which is very much like angora goat fleece.  It’s very nice…  Even if he wasn’t here on the homestead to make babies, he makes such nice fleece, he certainly has a way of paying his keep.   This lovely fleece went to Justin for his time and effort.  IMG_3221 IMG_3229


Since he’s so small, and it’s hard to work low on the ground, we popped him on a cooler and he was just so fine with that.   The boys were giving him pretzels and he really enjoyed that.   We left his little manly beard because it’s just so fine…  the ladies love it on him.  He was so happy to be shed of his heavy coat!  He’s a little off schedule with the rest of the flock.  When we got him in November, he had to be shorn because he was just so overgrown.   So by the end of February, he hadn’t grown his fleece long enough!  So he got sheared now, and hopefully by the end of February, he’ll be on track with everyone else and can get sheared then.   Still, I think for his first large animal…  Justin did better than I would have!   And Dreamy was quite satisfied!   He has been trotting around and frolicking in his pasture with Harley, all clean shaved and cool!  Easier to itch, too!  Life is good for our little man!

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Swamp Coolers Work!


Maggie’s bedroom upstairs is way cool, but unfortunately, way hot in the summer!   She has a couple fans and we are watching for an air conditioner for her, but have not had luck.

Being the ever resourceful young lady, she saw these nifty swamp cooler designs on Pinterest and You Tube and decided to give it a spin.   The ones online are a lot more elaborate… including sytrofoam inserts and such and tubes, but she just made it easy to see if it would work.

She just froze a couple empty plastic gallons of water.   Leaving about a quarter of the jug empty for expansion.  By using a couple, she can rotate them out of the freezer.


She got a nice clean 5 gallon bucket and cut a few blower holes in the side.   Eight I believe.


And she took a piece of cardboard because she couldn’t find a lid and cut our a little hole for an old fan to fit on top.  Pop a frozen milk jug of water in the bucket, turn on the fan and WOW!  It really works!

She’s been using it for a week or so now and she likes it.  It’s very quiet unlike a big air conditioner.  A jug will last a few hours, like 4 to 6 hours.   It really doesn’t cool the WHOLE room, but you can set it near you and it blows lovely cool air on you as you read or work on a computer or watch TV or games.   And she says it’s lovely to sleep with.   Just set it aside your bed and it will keep nice cool breezes drifting over you.

And I’m quite sure it doesn’t waste as much electricity as those big air conditioners do.  Give it a try, make a simple swamp cooler.  You don’t need much, just a bucket, a jug and a fan.   And a drill bit to make some big holes.

Pretty darn cool!   Haha… yeah… cool!



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Shadow has a new job!


Well, would ya look at that?  Shadow doesn’t mind little kids on his back!

Looks like at some point he was trained to ride!   Yahoo!   We actually have a riding pony on the ranch!   Cody Pony pulls under harness but no, thank you, to riding…   But Shadow was pretty cool about it.

After a few minutes he was a little restless and had to do a wee little buck, but we think he hasn’t had to do anything formal like this for years!   A little work with a saddle and bit will help remind him of the procedure and maybe in a few weeks, he’ll be all refreshed and ready to give the odd occasional ride!  He has a NEW job on the farm…   child amusement!




Our friend Justin’s sons are pretty comfy with riding little wild ponies and have been around them a lot.   Brayden, his older boy, actually got some reins on his bridle and rode him around the yard a few days after.   It was kind of funny…. Shadow was a little ornery to him.   I think he realized all of the sudden… SHOOT!   I gotta work now???   So he gave Brayden a ride for his money… but Brayden was more stubborn and managed to stay put for a little while.   It’s going to be good for Shadow… he’s been getting a little portly from all the good feed and not a lot of exercise here on the homestead.

We’re going to be putting up a little homemade round pen in a few weeks…  one that we can work both ponies a little now and then to keep them healthy and happy and trained!  Even Cody will be in for a rude awakening soon enough.   It’s not so much that they need to work to earn their keep, but more that they benefit from a little workout and a little training now and then.   Both of them are too young to just be retired pasture pets!   We would adore getting a little pony cart for Cody to pull at some point… just waiting for the right one to come along.   And now, it seems that Shadow can make use of the nice pony saddle and bridle set we got at a garage sale last year!   Perfect!   I know quite a few children that would love a little pony ride now and then!  Just another neat thing that has been discovered here at our happy little place!


If you’d like to see a video of Shadow and Brayden….  

you can view it here on our Facebook page!  

Click to watch the video of Shadow giving his first unescorted ride!  


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