Fleece of the Month Club…


Last week, we got back some beautiful roving from our sheep and goats from the mill that we are using in Michigan.   It’s always lovely to get a box back…  it does take a while, upwards to 6 to 8  weeks to get through the backlog and be processed.  So we have started to do this plan…  every month, on the first of the month, we send in a few pounds to be processed.  Since there is not a real discount for a lot of pounds (you really have to send in a LOT!) it makes sense to just send in 4 or 5 pounds at a time.  The cost is a little more reasonable for us to handle in our budget and eventually, we will start to get back some roving every month or so.  That will be cool!



This first return shipment was two different groups…  one was pure Shetland…  from our lovely lady Miss Galadriel…  It ended up being blended down to a lovely light heathery gray color.


And the second batch was a blend of white Angora from Rana and Rafeka mixed in with darker gray from Miss Beulah, a Shetland sheep ewe.  It’s softer, but darker in color.  Very pretty to spin!

DSC_0638 DSC_0639

I’m always amazed at how much roving will compress down into a box!  Once you get it out, it floofs up with air and becomes like five times as much as it was in the box!

We will be debuting some of the this lovely fiber at the Wine and Wool show we are attending in Jackson Michigan, January 30th, at the Sandhill Vineyards!  We are very excited… it’s going to be the first show that we will have Maggie’s beautiful fiber art tools at, as well, as our beautiful fibers and some woven products.  Going to be fun!

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Working Truck…


We have been enjoying Tiffany so much!  What a helpmate she is around the homestead.  What is really nice is that we can load up with hay and feed and drive it back to the pony barn where we store stuff.


The ponies are curious…  what is this beast?   They don’t see anything like trucks back here very often.


The pigs are just as interested!   A truck?  A delivery of goodies?


Maggie throwing bales off the back of the truck.  Shadow is very interested.  But then, he’s a bit of a nosey old biddy anyway.


I grabbed a basket of fiber that we had out in the feed room from shearing time!  Going to bring it up to the front and go through it a bit before we send it to the mill for processing.


We laid down a few bales of straw in the pony paddock.  With all our mild winter weather this year, we have MUD everywhere!   To be honest, it would be nice if the ground would freeze up a little bit.  Hopefully, the straw will help to make it a little less sucky and yucky.


Just a sort of different view of the paddocks for the goats and sheep!   From the cab of our truck!


Yeah, it’s muddy out there.  Hard to get good traction without tearing up the grass, so we have to go pretty slow.  Still, it sure beats dragging hay and feed out back by hand!   We just keep getting better at this stuff all the time!  :-)  City gals can learn to be country gals!

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