Sorry for being busy…

Hey all…  nothing is wrong, just busy with a few big graphic arts projects, trying to get ready for lambing!

I figger we have about 8 days before the very first possible due date, probably more like 15 days or so until we start having little lambies around the homestead, so I’m trying hard to get all my ducks in a row and my projects off the drawing table!

I update little snippets of what is going on with our Facebook page…  if you miss me and the girls… go and check that out!

I hope to be back to blogging in a day or two..  Finished one big project on Saturday evening late and am working on one more that should be done by Wednesday.

In the meanwhile…  check out that first big project!

We redid our rock and mineral website for kids!!!  It looks so much nicer now…


And visit us on Facebook…

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New Printer on my Desk…


Saved up my money from making tshirts and decals with my friend Kathy for her company and bought me a new fancy color inkjet printer.  It’s awesome.  An Epson Artisan 1430…  it will print studio quality prints up to 13 x 19 in size!  And unbelievable images from original art.


I really want to start showcasing some of my illustration and digital art on cards, prints, and other applications.  I think they are worthy of it, perhaps others might like them.  I’ll have an Etsy shop where I can display them all.  And I’d like to get into making custom stickers…  like folks love for their planners and calendars…  with some interesting original themes, I hope.  We shall see.


Another income stream is always welcome in our little homestead empire.  Anything that helps to keep the lights on and bills paid, it’s a good thing.

I’ll let you know more, when I get done learning all about it and designing up some lovely things to share!  :-)  I do know it will be under an old company name that I loved…  Kalligraphika.  I used to have a rubber stamp company with lots of beautiful stamps and well, it just ended when the whole rubber stamp craze kind of bottomed out.  All the art images I sold to a lady for her company…  but the name, well, I can use it again.  It is a variation of the Greek words…  Kallos…  meaning beautiful and Graphika, meaning written image, that sort of thing.  So Kalligraphika to me means beautiful images.  :-)  I hope you will agree with that when you can see all I will offer.


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