Sweety Pig…


Sweety Pig came to visit.   Maggie was cleaning out her cage and she knows how much I like guinea pig visits.  She is such a sweet little rodent.  Or, sorry, cavy.  She likes to cuddle and talk to you, and very much enjoys sharing a snack.

By sharing, I mean, you hold it and she eats it.

She’s nice like that.


Ratchet loves all critters.  So he always has to come over and visit.  Miss Sweety is not very impressed with the dog.  In fact, I would say, she’s rather indifferent to the dog.   But that doesn’t matter.  Ratchet loves her just the same.  He wags his tail and just smiles, adoring the little varmit.


And when she does actually give him a sniff back, he just loves it.  He’s a little low on the whole whipping boy hierarchy around here.  Evee is the top dog, you know.  He doesn’t mind, as long as someone pays attention to him, even a guinea pig, he’s happy.


I think I love their itty bitty little mouthies the best.  They are so cute!   I’m so glad she has come to live with us.  We love guinea pigs.  Maybe we will get her a friend.   She is fixed after all and would probably welcome a companion.  :-)  We shall have to keep an eye out for someone that needs a good soft landing and a forever home!

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Lettering a Tow Truck…


As you may or may not know, my daughter Maggie is starting up a sign business.   She loves making signs and do her vinyl decal and lettering business.  She’s still getting started and is learning all the ropes, but it’s so fun when we get a nice job to learn on and still provide some nice looking graphics and signage!

SO we were excited to be able to letter up a tow truck!   Actually, it’s a flat bed hauler.

DSC_0314 DSC_0317

A nice two color logo job!  I think it’s rather striking!  All ready to go… did both doors.   Putting on the vinyl is not so hard but taking off old vinyl is tricky!   Thank goodness for the old heat gun and some elbow grease!  DSC_0320

You can check out Maggie’s decal shop on Etsy…   She is still filling it up with designs, but it’s growing all the time.  It all helps this wonderful kid to develop a trade and an income.  Hands on training with your mom…  Trying to help teach her all I know!  And she’s a good learner…

Signs by Maggie – Etsy Shop – Go take a visit and a like!  Thanks!

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Room Fresheners…


We love these little room fresheners that plug in and scent with warm oils and such.  But at like $5 to $7 a pack, even at the Dollar Store, it was getting a little pricey.  And I don’t know, I just wanted my own blends, scents and such.

Well, golly.  That little plastic thingy just kind of pops off with a little pressure from a butter knife or a dull pair of scissors.  So I just added a little cheap vodka  (non flavored, non scented alcohol base)  and then 10 to 15 drops of essential oil.  Put it back together and plugged it in.  Perfect!  Wonderful scents and last just as long.  Even if you are not a drinker…  pure simple vodka is a cheap way to make all sorts of neat things.  Like vanilla extract, or actually any sort of extract.  And it’s good for making tinctures and such for herbs and spices.  I usually have a little bottle of it in the cupboard for various remedies.  Heck, don’t tell anyone, but I actually  blend my own perfume with a little vodka and essential oils and I’ve had many people remark that they thought I smelled very nice.  (It’s our little secret, eh?)  Well, now, my house can smell nice, too and inexpensively!

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