Before my hopsital adventure, we were kicking butts and taking names!   The weather was cool and just perfect and I told the girls, lets make hay while the sun shines and get a bunch of stuff done so we can take it easy when the humidity and heat comes back, which it did!   So we did…  they are such good girls, they see the logic in a statement like that and agree.

I’m so happy to report that the mudroom is staying clean!   Almost a month now…  I love it.   There is a little pile of buckets and such that has creeped in but mostly that is due to not having a home out in the feedroom/tack room of the pony barn that we are working to get ready.   We will work on that in due time.   Still, just happy that the organization seems to be working!   Stuff is staying where it belongs!!!  Yah!



Ah…   Luna Kity on a bed of garlic.  I sort of hear a joke about Chinese food in this picture…  Won Fung Kitty and Garlic?   But I love Chinese cooking too much to go there.   Still, one does not usually see a kitty that loves a bed of garlic…

These are all volunteers that I didn’t plant and just grew from old garlic the year before!  Crazy, eh?   They are small, so I’ll probably replant them in October and them grow again.   I have a bunch of garlic to plant this year.  We just love the stuff and it stores so nicely!  And I hope to try and make my own garlic powder, too!


DSC_0029 DSC_0030


Jessy and I finished the second bunny hutch and the boys love it!   Just a lot of space for them to roam a bit and stretch out good.  And the waste system seems to be much easier to use.   I’m going to make a little curtain to go around the bottom and Jessy wants to paint them, but we just didn’t get to that.   We also really cleaned up the area and such…  getting there!


We gathered so much metal junk and trash from all around the place!   Much was from the previous owners… they had several burn piles and junk piles all around.  Some was from us, of course.  It’s amazing how much junk you can accumulate!!!   We are trying hard to watch just what we bring into the place.  We’ve been working for a good month now to just get rid of trash and stuff.  Want the place to look nice.   Justin and his peeps came and got all the metal for their trip to the salvage place…   I hope it helped his bottom line a bit.   Too bad that it’s really just pennies on the pound.  Still, there were many many bags and other piles here and there.   I’m so glad to have it gone.



Holly and her daughter Pearl look soooo much alike!!!  I can’t hardly get over it!!!



I wish I had a before picture, but this is the middle picture.   Before, we had this little 20 foot span loaded up with a bunch of hillbilly engineered junk that really looked like the scene of a zombie movie barricade!  It was dreadful.  And the worse part?  It was not keeping the sheep and goats in their pasture!!!  An eyesore AND ineffective!   Well, you know that had to go.   Since the end goal is a nice piece of hog panel wire fence and we didn’t have that… we improvised.   Had these bunk bed headboards from the trash…  and a bit of chainlink left overs to try and keep Daisy and others from sneaking through that silver gate.  It worked, for awhile!!!   But it sure looked a lot better!



One big goal was to try and get the weed patch safe and secure again after the harsh winter and some ninja goats!   Maggie, Justin and Cameron worked so hard to reset posts, stretch fence and patch some low spots!   And they got it!   No one has escaped for two weeks now!   It’s safe and secure and we can let them come and go as they wish.   We are talking some happy goats and sheep!   I wish they would eat a little more of the weed cover that makes this pasture so green and pretty but they won’t!   At least they are keeping the bullthistles down!  There isn’t a single one out there more than an inch or two tall.  YEAH TEAM WINDHAVEN!!!   Did I mention how much I HATE bullthistles???




It’s so nice for them to have elbow room!   They do have a pretty nice big paddock area and two different barns to go in, but still, with 18 animals, they can get on each other’s last nerve.   So having their pasture available to them all the time is so lovely.   And I am so happy that it’s nice and safe…  that is so important.

Well, those are a few of the pictures of our hardwork last week!   May not seem like a whole lot, but when you are out there doing it, it’s a lot.   And it is just one more HUGE step forward to getting the farm that we want!!!


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Blackjack is growing up!


It’s Blackjack’s 2 week birthday!   Can’t believe how fast he is growing up.  He’s already running around and being a little goof!

Maggie built a lovely milking stand for us…  Buttercup loves it.  She hops right up on it and is ready to milk!  She loves the twice daily grain snacks…  sometimes she gets a little fruit from the house or leave off the trees…  anyway you slice it, she loves to come up to the screen porch and milk!

Had a bit of a rough week…  ended up in the hospital for 4 days while I was treated for blood clots in my legs and in my lungs!  I started feeling a little weird, breathless and just super tired last week and thought perhaps I was getting a cold or something but nothing really developed.  Well, finally by Monday, I thought, something is just not right and finally got myself to the ER.   Pretty darn good thing I did because I ended up being admitted and I could have had a heart attack or a serious stroke!!!   Pretty much saved my life.   Also got on some medication for my diabetes and I can honestly say, I feel like a thousand bucks right now!   Ready to take on life again, Sherri 2.0!

Gotta behave a bit, relax a bit, but come Monday I’m suppose to start walking daily and getting my energy level back up.  Can’t wait.  A little bored just sitting around and taking it easy!

Just a few fun pictures from the week I was kind of gone!   Hope you all missed me!  I sure missed you all!!!


DSC_0308 DSC_0309 DSC_0311 DSC_0313


Momma tolerates him nursing a bit as long as she has really good snacks in her bowl!   And she’s tied up… and you are watching carefully.   She just really doesn’t like him that much.   At least she’s not biting him anymore…   that’s something!


DSC_0317 DSC_0319 DSC_0322 DSC_0323 DSC_0326 DSC_0327

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Welcome to Prince Blackjack!


My sweet girl Buttercup, had her baby this last Sunday around noon.

She started her labor late in the afternoon on Saturday, but went most of the night and into the morning before we got our little bundle of joy born…   a swet little tri-colored buckling that we have named Blackjack.   It’s our goat theme for this year…  candy and gum names!   Jelly Bean and Blackjack are our two little goaties born this year.

I so wish it was a girl but we struck out twice this year, just boys!  But that’s okay.  Jelly Bean is doing fine and should be going to his new home sometime next week.


He’s a beautiful little boy, his daddy is a full Angora goat and his mom, Buttercup, she is a La Mancha mix with some nubian in her past.  You can really see some of that in his coloring…  he reminds me so much of the nubians I have seen!   But he has super super soft curly hair, so I am hoping he will grow some lovely fiber and be able to stay here with us as a whethered buckling.   Time will tell!

The biggest issue that we had was that the birth was a bit difficult.   He had his one leg turned backwards, along his chest instead of pointing outwards like the other.   The most perfect birth position is two legs and head forward, almost like a little diver.   He was 2/3rds of the way there!   But that bent back leg means trouble and hard labor for a first timer.   I had to glove up and assist, which is hard, but you do what you have to do.   You just don’t have a lot of time to get a big pregnant, laboring goat to the vet!   We got him out and laid him next to her and she totally refused to even hardly look at him.   She was in shock, and just not interested.




We’ve had now about 20+ births here at our little farm, mostly lambs and piglets, but never have we had a mom refuse a baby.   It was so hard to take.  Buttercup is such a loving and sweet doe, I would have never imagined her to refuse such a little sweet thing.   But she did.   She hates him.   She won’t lick him, or touch him or even just smell him.  Nothing.   We tried and tried, all the textbook and movie moves.   Wiping the afterbirth on him, leaving him a little icky, leaving them together in a small stall.  Nothing.   We even brought in a dog, because often that will scare a new mom into protecting her baby.   She could care less.   We brought in another goat…  again, can cause protectiveness and a connection… nothing.   She seemed happy to let Daisy take over.   We worked for 24 hours, trying everything and nothing.   Once when we had her cornered, and we tried to get her to at least nurse him for the first colostrum, it was like trying to hold down a Brahma bulll!  She kicked, she fought, she reached around and grabbed him by the butt to try and throw him away!   Oh my gosh.   We had to stop because she was getting more and more aggressive towards him and we worried for his safety.




So, now we have a sweet little bottle baby to raise.  Which in the end, is really not too bad.   It was going to happen at some time, since Buttercup is a milking goat and that is why we bought her and Daisy.   Daisy turned out to be a sort of dud…  her udder and teats are so small, she is difficult to milk!  We might try her again, if she does conceive, but we’re not going to actively try for that.  Since Buttercup kidded so late in the year, she won’t be bred this year and we will just milk her until early next summer and see if we want to try again for another baby and milking season from her.   Just not sure.    She’s from an amazing line of milking goats and she’s already giving up almost a half gallon of milk a day happily.   She loves to be milked.   I think she mostly just loves the snacks but still, she’s a great milker.  She’s just not a very good mom!  I guess we just need to accept that and move on.  She has!

I’m just glad that both are happy and healthy and we have a sweet little goofy boy to spoil for a few weeks.  He’s already making himself at home!   Funny little boy.   Jumping around and happy as could be.  Many people hand raise their goats so that they are friendly and good natured…  also as a preventative from spreading CAE, a very common goat disease.  And if you want milk from your goat, you need to remove the baby eventually, so we just weaned him much more quickly!   Like oh, at birth?

The first week of milk from a goat doe should go to the baby if at all possible.   It contains all the good colostrum to help build a good healthy baby.  I figure that come Monday, we’ll be ale to start taking a share from her milk for our own needs.   We are not huge milk drinkers but I do love to make cheese and bake with it as well.   We shall see how this next step in our dairy plans goes!   I’m so excited.   I tasted a wee bit yesterday and it’s good.  Nice and creamy, very much like regular whole milk.  We chose a LaMancha goat doe for that very reason.  They have the highest butterfat of most goats and thus will make a great cheese and also taste very much like what we are all used to.   We can share with Junior easily, and soon, we should be swimming in milk, since a doe will increase her production as the kid grows or as you milk her more and more.   Her mother could easily do a gallon to a gallon and a half a day, so we hear!   That’s plenty for us all to share.   And she doesn’t mind…  she loves the snack treat of milking and trots right up to the screen porch and hops right up on her stand, ready to go!

Win win situation!!!



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