Paint in the Living Room!


Over the weekend, we got to painting the walls of the living room!  Yeah!   It looks so nice.   It’s a sort of light warm brown color.   I wouldn’t exactly call it beige, but it’s close.   I do like a strong color but this room needs all the lightness that it can get.

Once we got started, I could so tell it was just perfect!!!   It did just what I wanted!   Light, but with a touch of warmth and color.  To help transition a little better from the blue gray of the big office, to the green of the dining room.  The gray to the green was not quite right.   And after the dining room turning green and the kitchen…  it was just a little too much green!

DSC_0812 DSC_0814

Thank goodness for tall Maggie!   Jess and I just could not reach the top of the ten foot walls, even with our little step ladder to edge in around the pretty white ceiling.  Maggie came and saved the day for us!   One day, I would like to put crown molding up around that edge, but for now, that will just have to wait a wee bit!


I have had this old beautiful window for awhile now, found at a garage sale for a few bucks.  I love the little dangly lock things, they are chains with little iron stars on them!  So cute.  I got the idea of hanging it in that weird opening in the living room, a sort of art feature, and making it sort of like a window there and sort of not…   Jess held it up and we agreed we would go ahead after we get a little bit of chain and a couple study hooks.

DSC_0816 DSC_0819

Looks pretty swell!   I like it with the dark furniture…


And look at our FANTASTIC Craigslist score of the month!!!   A beautiful, barely worn, Laz-e Boy recliner!   For only $25.   Yes, $25!!!    I was stunned.   We got it home and it was just perfect…  and then I looked it up and these things sell brand new for $1179!!!  Yes ONE THOUSAND and ONE HUNDRED and SEVENTY NINE dollars!   I’ve bought cars for less!   Needless to say, Ratchet was quick to check it out for us and approve it’s purchase.


Heck, it’s a two dog chair!  It’s called a Grandma chair, or a chair and a half.   It’s just absolutely perfect!  Very comfortable and reclines too!   I was thinking that we would look for two chairs for the living room, but now that we have this, it’s really quite perfect for the three of us now.  The couch works well for two and then there is this chair for the third.  If we have guests, we plan to get a bench or church pew and we have lots of other chairs that we can pull in for special needs.   We might look for a footstool or ottoman for the couch.  That would also be nice for additional seating, if need be.

All in good time!  Things for the thrift store and garage sale lists!  DSC_0832


I really like the color transition from dining room to living room to the big office.   Now we just have to figure out what to do with the floors!   They really are not true hardwood, but just pine flooring that is really rough.  Lots of damage, gouges and other issues…  We just don’t have the budget for fancy flooring right now, so I think we are going to try and be a little creative.  Probably will paint the floor a brown, and then see about getting a nice area rug, perhaps something around 5 x 7 or 8 x 10…   we REALLY want to get a nice old Oriental rug, but so far, no good luck on Craigslist right now.  A few months back, I saw a bunch of really nice rugs for under $50!  But now?  Haha… nope.  Thats okay, we can wait.  You never know what might pop up!  In the meanwhile, a good coat of heavy duty porch and floor paint will at least make it all one color instead of like sixteen!

hanging window

The hanging window looks pretty cool…  I think I might add a little bit of greenery vinyl decals to it and a little bird graphic.  Or I might darken up the frame a bit… just not quite sure yet.  WIll probably wait a few days and consider what might work nicely!  It’s a fun little architectural accent!



I do plan to make a fake fireplace and add it to that wall.   But for right now, I moved that dark mirror in there and it’s nice…  helps to reflect some light in there.   And of course, that new chair hasn’t been empty since it arrived!   If it’s not one of use in there, it’s a dog or cat!  Luna very much likes the chair as well as Lilly!  We love it…  such a great find!

Just so happy to have another room, nearly finished…  just have to figure out the flooring and all.  Been looking at lots of ideas and creative options.  From plywood and brown paper bag floors, just getting wall to wall carpeting and then maybe a remnant, or an area rug or AGH!   Who knows right now.  We do know that we need another week or so to build up a wee bit more for the budget.

So far, this room as been pretty inexpensive!   The ceiling paint was a little pricey… $45 for two gallons of nice heavy primer, sanded texture paint.  And the wall color was on sale for $25 a gallon… needed one.  The chair was $25.  I bought a little table lamp for $3 at the Goodwill and it cost me $5 for the chain and strong hooks for the window.  $103 dollars.  We wanted to stay under $200 for this room, so we’ve got about $100 left.  Floor paint is $25 and then we might hold out for a good area rug on Craigslist, hopefully for around $50 to $75…   We shall have to do a little waiting and seeing!  I think we can do the floor paint in the next few days.  Going to be a little tricky to paint this room’s floor because we are all very active on it!   I will have to lock up pets and probably do it in two chunks over two evenings!  Floors and ceilings are both a pain in the patootie!  But it will look so much nicer…  can’t wait!


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Starting on the Living Room!


Today was the day that we started to work on the living room remodel!   Mostly we are doing some serious painting in there with a little touch of furniture, hopefully.  We decided to start at the top and I think you will see why!   Apparently, three years ago, when we painted the ceiling last, we did it while drinking and in the dark.  Because we thought we could use two different types of ceiling paint and achieve a suitable result.  We thought wrong!

And then add in a whole season of using a big old wood burner in the house for winter heating!   Well, that was it.   It made the whole place sooty and we have been cleaning the walls and everything for a year afterwards!  I never suspected the ceiling would be so bad but it was!


Take a look at the startling difference with the first couple strokes of the roller and the new paint!  Holy cow!   Ugh!   We were mortified!  No wonder the place is so dark and dingy in there!  I could easily see that we were going to need at least two, maybe three coats of paint before we were done.

Now, there is not much in this world that I dislike more than painting ceilings.   In fact, I suspect it is not a favorite thing of very many people.  It’s hard work.   And this room is equally hard because it is 10 foot high!  That means a good upper body and shoulder workout and a hot shower and a little motrin when you are done!  Thank goodness the three of us were prepared to chip in as needed.


I’ve had the paint for this redo for six weeks!   Yes, that is how long it has taken me to get my nerve up and say, today is the day!   I am sure glad we got it down in a few hours, though.   About five hours really…  three coats, edging and all that.  The first coat was really tough, it was going on so thickly and just not covering great.   But then, look at the shade difference!  No wonder!


Once we got the first coat up and gave it a while to dry, it did start to level out a bit.  Still, it really needed another coat at least.   Maggie came to help out and that was fantastic, because she is the tallest of us all and a good painter.   Jessy is good at trim paint but Maggie can do ceillings and walls like a pro.


She got the second coat up and said it needed another, so away she went.  I am so glad that my dear daughters are good about helping out and making things nice.  Maggie said I was going to need her help anyways, she might as well just get it over with!  Haha…  my kids.  They have learned resistance is futile.  Aw, but to be honest, they were impressed as well at how nice it looks now.   Without a wood burner in the house, I think it should be good for at least four or five years now, so we did our best and took our time and got it done right.


And as you can see, it looks lovely!  It started to get a little dark out, but still, it was really nice and bright in there.   I can’t wait to see it all on a nice sunny day with the new opening, the bright white ceiling, and utilimately, the nice paint on the walls.  I will be getting the paint for the living room next as well as the three boards to box in that opening nicely.  Hopefully we will have enough of our free trim to boarder in the opening in there.   If not, we will make it nice without it if need be!

Right now, we plan to paint the floor as well, probably a light brown color of durable porch paint.  I really really want to try and find a nice big oriental rug for this room, it would be our dream solution!   But of course, like that church pew we are hunting, suddenly there are no good deals on Craigslist for our dream rug in our budget price.   We want to keep this room under $200 total.   And we need paint, flooring, our fake fireplace and hopefully a chair or two!  So far we have spent $42 for the two gallons of sanded ceiling paint.  SInce it’s an old house and the ceiling has a few little flaws, we went with a textured paint to help even it all out.  I think it did a great job!  You really have to hunt for the little issues.  It’s not exactly like a popcorn ceiling at all, just a little light texture…   it looks lovely.

Wall paint should be about $25.  Floor paint, another $25 or so.   Sometimes floor paint is a little more pricey.  The floor is in such rough shape the idea of sanding and staining it is just not in our budget.  It’s really old and worn and there are some really damaged areas.  I think a good painting will seal in some of the issues, make it all one uniform colors and give us a nice backdrop for our focus rug.  There is a local carpeting outlet store in Pioneer, just six miles away and we’ve never been in but I hear they have very good deals on remnant pieces of carpet.  And if you ask nicely, they will bind the edges for free!  Nice…  I guess we will just have to wait and see…  watch Craigslist and pay a little visit and see what they might have.   The room is fairly large…  13 foot wide by 16 feet long.  Most carpet is 12 feet wide!  We will just have to wait and see what comes about.  Patience is our middle name!

In the meanwhile, we are just so happy to have a lovely nice, bright, white ceiling again!  Common’ sunshine!   That room is going to be nice and bright soon!


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Almost there!


Another good day working on the dining room!  We found trim pieces from our refurbish stash and spent a little time pounding out the nails and touching them up.  Then, they got a good two coats of bright white trim paint.  Looking good!


While the trim dried, I painted that last bit of drywall over the opening, of course, after sanding down the joint a bit and getting it all nicely put together.  Looks so nice now!   Just need to box in that opening section where we added the header.  I think I will use pine boards…  it’s nine inches wide, so we’ll probably get a 10 inch board and trim it to fit.  Then we can paint it all nicely and consider adding door trim around the opening.   I’m not certain yet if we will or not.   It’s going to be one of those wait and see sort of situations.


I love to recycle things and this door and window trim came from a friend’s house that was going to be torn down.  Thanks so much Curtis!   Took us a while, but it’s finally coming in very handy!  We have more, just going to wait and see where it best can be used.  Trim is very expensive!  Our house, before it was foreclosed on, was being flipped by the previous owners.  They had an insulation company come in and they removed all the trim from every door and window in the house.  Unfortunately, before the house was finished, they lost it.  And apparently, there was a big pile of trim in the garage and the bank hired someone to come and remove all the “trash” from the various buildings and all the trim was taken.  Such a unhappy thing!  We have been slowly trying to replace the trim as we work on each room.   Just expensive!


While I was waiting for the trim to dry and then install it, I decided to paint the kitchen trim around the mud room door!  Why not?  It takes a bit of a beating from the dogs and the farm comings and goings.   I think nothing looks better than a nice, clean coat of white trim paint!


This is the opening to the bathroom…  ugh!  All around the door, it’s just ugly and missing, just not very nice.   I can’t wait to see how the trim will look!


The doorway to the kitchen is nicer, but still, pretty rough up close!


And wow!   So nice…  I’m so happy.  A friend has suggested we paint the baseboards white as well, and I have to say, we probably will.  I’ll see if Jess will mind doing that tomorrow.  She’s much better at trim painting then I am.  I think that will really tie it all in together nicely.  Just so excited that we are just one little step away from having this room finished.   It’s already working so much better for us.  We all enjoy sitting and eating lunch or breakfast at the little cafe table and the traffic flow is so much better with that one doorway sealed up.  And the bigger opening…. oh my!   It’s just wonderful.  So far, total, we have spent $90 dollars in this remodel.  That’s it.  The majority of the cost was from lumber, drywall and a good quality paint.  Everything else we did was from found or gifted surplus, like the door trim from a house to be torn down.   Heck, we found the table and chairs on the side of the road during big trash pickup day!  Piano was given to us for free…  Love our piano!  Most of the decorations and such, we already had through the years, I just sort of mixed them up and readjusted them in the room.  I still have to say, one of the best and most economical ways to change up a room is through paint!  Even at $25 a gallon, it’s a great game changer and really can make a huge impact for very little money!

Well, we won’t be getting the pine boards for the opening until Monday and probably won’t actually put them up until Tuesday.  And I think we are going to try painting the floor molding.   Still, pretty darn close to done in here!   Can’t wait!

Tomorrow, we are starting on the living room…   first up, the ceiling paint job!  It needs a good solid paint job to cover up our botched job of two years ago!   (Note to self, never buy two different types of ceiling paint and expect it to match… oh my….)  I have two good quality gallons of textured ceiling paint, ready to go up and do a great job in there!   Monday, we will be picking up the wall color for in there…  want the ceiling done first so we can work from the top down.  We already moved most the furniture and knick knackery out and did a good cleaning.  Can’t wait to see how that room looks when we are done!  Onward and upwards!!!



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