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Hey, just a heads up folks…  if you have a website and you are registered with a decent hosting company…  don’t fall for this scam out there.  There are several companies that will send you these very official looking forms that say your site is ready for registration…  it’s always double to quadruple the normal price and it looks so official!  Don’t fall for it.  Check with your hosting company first, or whoever maintains your website.  I see it a lot…  it’s just not fair.

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Muddy Waters are Going Down…

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Wow!  I didn’t relieze just how bad our county was hit until out driving the day before…  many roads closed, peoples business and homes under water, it was bad!  We lucked out.  Yeah, we had some flooding of the out buildings and pasture under water but most of it is gone now.  Everything is just a sort of weird muddy color…  I hate to say it, but a nice simple shower would help make things look a little nicer, but we don’t need any more rain for awhile!   So many farmer’s fields are under water still!

We are lucky, right now we have a few spots of standing water but it’s draining pretty quickly…  drying in the sunshine we are finally getting.   The sheep paddock is the worse, it’s still mostly mud and water.   We are looking into getting some huge bags of saw dust to try and build up some of the resting areas for the animals, but in the meanwhile, they are in the middle yard most of the day to help give the paddock time to dry up without animals making it worse.

Everyone is just a little dirty and muddy looking.   Once it dries up a bit more we will be able to get out and start cleaning up the fallen branches and areas that the grass is just a mess.  Might have to reseed a few areas.  We shall see.  I hope be able to get into my garden today and just assess the damage.  Since most of my plantings are in raised beds, I think it will be okay.  Just muddy!

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers during this tough time!   We made it…  I hate to think what it would have been like if our neighbor has not done that extensive drainage work last fall.  Wow!   I think we would have really been in trouble.  Hopefully, things are going to return to a nice normal summer soon!

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Independence from Clutter Challenge!


I have to say, for the last ten years, I have been working towards clearing my life of clutter.   I will admit, I used to be quite a pack rat.  When I was first married, we moved across country and had to have a moving service help us.  The gentleman came to estimate our weight by looking around my small two room flat.  He assured us that he was always right on track, within a few hundred pounds. Well, when the semi arrived in San Diego, it was over 2,000 pounds off.  Yep.  I was a professional.

However, with divorce and other life changes, I have embraced the idea of simple living and have really strived to lighten the load.  It’s been a long, long journey!  But a good one.   I know I am very close.  However, there are certainly a few pockets of stuff left that for some reason or another I have avoided.

Somewhere online I read about a challenge in July to de-clutter…  your independence from clutter!  And of course, I can’t find it now.  I’ve found several close sites, so I know it’s not my original idea, but I can’t seem to find the one that challenged everyone to a set number of donations…  so I have done so here.  I think 4 items a day, in honor of the 4th of July, will be a good goal.  All said and done, if you take the challenge, you will be lighter by at least 120 items!

Now, here’s the hard part.  It can’t be trash.  Like oh, 4 empty pop cans.  That’s cheating.  Haha…  well, it’s not the point.  The point is to let go of the things that just don’t bring you joy.  The things that are just redundant.  Stuff that you never really liked but someone might.  We want to collect and give away…  hopefully to enrich someone else’s life.

You can donate to the Goodwill, or some charity store, a thrift or even a community free store.   That is where we will be taking our goodies.   A town over from us has a free store and it’s wonderful.   You can drop off your lightly loved things and the sweet ladies from local churches go through and separate it to put on their Thursday morning tables.  I have seen many blessed people going in and getting just that right thing that they need for themselves and their families.  It is rich and poor, young and old, everyone is welcome.  We’ve gone many times and found perfect matches for things we need.   And we’ve donated a lot of things are well.  I think it’s wonderful and that is where our 120 items are going!

I will be posting a picture each day of our 4 items on our Facebook page.  It’s a little easier than here on the blog.  However, I will recap the week here and talk about challenges and ideas that worked for us.  Won’t you join in?  It’s going to be fun!

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