More Vlogs…

Been making a few of these vlogs… video logs of our day to day things! Just a little peek into life at Windhaven…

Hope you are enjoying them! It’s fun to make them…

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Jessy’s Bento Lunches…


Jessy makes the best little Bento box lunches!   She loves to do this for us and we sure don’t mind.  It’s such a fun thing to get your little lunch box with little bits and pieces in it.  Almost makes you want to go to school or work or something like that to have to have them!

She has a book that she loves but there are so many cool websites and such that she looks at for ideas.  Just fun, don’t you think?

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I’m going to try Vlogging!

Yes, I’ve been wanting to give this a try forever but the last few years, just haven’t had the equipment or the right sort of computer to handle movie editing or a good internet connection.

I finally have a computer that can handle basic editing… and our internet is not too bad. My equipment is a little lacking, but I am am saving my pennies to hopefully get a newer camera this year. In the meanwhile, I have gotten started with an old Flip camera. It’s not too bad and is giving me a chance to learn better editing, content creation and just filming without being a total nerd about it. You will have to bare with me!

Just one of those bucket list things that I thought, what am I waiting for? Sometimes, it’s so easy to let things stop you from trying something new, because you have to wait for everything to be perfect. Time’s a-wasting.

Don’t look for these every day, I’m not sure I can do that. It takes me a little too long to edit and upload at the moment. Maybe every couple days! I’m going to try for 2 a week, something like that.

If you like them, please leave a nice comment. :-) I’m tender hearted, so well, just don’t make me cry, okay? (haha…) I think you will enjoy these little visits at our homestead!

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