Boxing Day Flood!


We woke up Monday morning, Boxing Day, and it was unseasonably warm.  And then it started to rain.  Bad combination for us.  By around 11 am, the pastures started to flood.  Maggie got her high water boots out and had to go and rescue our two ram boys from their little barn.  It’s dry in their barn, but all around them, the waters were rising, fast.


They trust her and know her well as the Food Lady…  so they were ready to follow her to the gate and wait patiently as she unlatched it.  She had climbed over the fence to go and get them.  Huldar and Lukkus were not too happy to have their feet so wet!

dsc_0538 dsc_0540

I just love this picture so much…  Maggie leading them to dry land.  As soon as they saw the dry land, they hustled!  We had others to rescue so we brought them into the screen porch and our little make shift sick bay stall we have in there.


At least they would be dry and could eat a little fresh hay and wait it out.  A bit cramped, but better than dripping wet and cold!

dsc_0544 dsc_0546

Then she had to go and rescue the goats!  Goatopia was fast flooding as well.  It was up to their little barn and eventually would flood in there a wee bit.  That is a lot of water.  We normally don’t flood that far up towards the hogs and all.  It’s why we put the goat barn pretty far up near the hogs.  dsc_0548 dsc_0549

She took them back to the feed room and they were very happy to follow their leader!  Goat hate being wet but they sure know when it’s time for rescue.

A few hours later, the sheep paddock flooded badly and they could not stay there.  Maggie actually had to carry a few of the young yearling ewes from the barn because they were so scared and would not follow the rest of the herd.  She managed to get them safely into the pony barn, to bunk with Shadow and Cody for a day or so.  Just a big mess!

We actually got all the way up to 60 degrees!  The day after Christmas!  Can you believe it?  We live in Northern Ohio, and that is really unseasonable!  Pretty weird.

The combination of the warm weather, the snow melt of about 6 inches and the frozen ground was bad enough, but you add an all day rain and you have flood waters all over the county!  A local river crested at 13 feet!!!  That is some serious flooding.  Thankfully, the water did start to recede a few days later.  We shot a little video of the adventure!


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Christmas Day at the Homestead…


Daddy brought Maggie a new toy!   Not too many girls that really get excited over a contracter grade table saw, but this kid was very excited!!!  She loves it and it helps to keep her safe in her shop!



He brought Jessy a wonderful new camera!   She is SO excited.  She loves photography and is so good at it…  she does all our product and promotion photography as well.  Now she is back up in the current century with her beautiful camera.  Expect 200,000 pictures of her dog in the near future…  as she learns her new camera!  img_4036 img_4081

We got a lovely little weed whacker from our cousins out in California!  We sure do have weeds and it will be a lovely addition to our tool shed!!!  Thanks guys!!!


Ratchet got a GIANT leg bone to knaw on…  he was SO happy, we hardly saw him all Christmas day!  We heard him, however, knawing and knawing and knawing…  Happy Boy!


No, sorry Evee…  these are for mommie!!!   You got your own toy, a double headed tennis ball bone!!!!  She loves it…


Just a few other lovely gifts…  we don’t go crazy over the holidays but we really appreciate the thoughtfulness of our gifts from friends and family!  They sure do know what we need!

img_4058 img_4059 img_4060 img_4064 img_4043img_4051 img_4052 img_4053

Once we were all done, we had a lovely little breakfast of eggs, bacon and mmmm…..  cinnamon toast!  Nothing fancy but it was so nice and just perfect.  We had the rest of the day off and we just napped and relaxed and enjoyed!  We have a ton of orders to do but we just thought it was time for a day off…  I hope everyone didn’t mind!

Here’s hoping you had a lovely Christmas as well, and Happy Holidays to all, however you celebrate this lovely season.  I think it’s special that so many people have so many lovely traditions and celebrations this time of the year…  there is something for everyone!


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Christmas Eve Chores…

The girls spent a couple days at their father’s in town, so I got to do chores around the place!  Such fun, I really don’t mind.  It’s pleasant work and fun to visit all the animals…

Here’s a little gallery of my adventures!

CLICK The first picture and get a slide show of the adventures!



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