Meet Carmel…


Our friend at the feed store had a pair of guinea pigs…  and one passed away.

Her piggy that was left was sad.  And just mopey.  So she asked us if they might want her single guinea pig girl for our single guinea pig girl, Sweetie!   How could we say no?

And she came with a lovely nice cage…  We said sure, as long as our piggy got along with her.  So we brought Caramel home.  And set up the big cage and then introduced the two ladies…

IMG_2844 IMG_2843 IMG_2839

As you can see, they got along famously.  Even the kitties were amazed at the lovely friendship that has developed.  We thought we were done with little rodents, being that my girl children are both in their twenties now, but I guess that guinea pig ownership has no limits!

I have to admit, they are adorable and they are fun to talk to and give little kitchen treats.

And it’s so nice that they have friends for their lives now.  I think Sweetie is very happy to have someone to snuggle with and groom.  It’s important for guinea pigs to have friends because they are herd animals.  It’s just makes things good for them.   And it’s not that much harder to take care of two piggies as it is to take care of just one.

Welcome to the farm, Miss Caramel!!!

IMG_2827 IMG_2822 IMG_2818 IMG_2814 IMG_2812 IMG_2809

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It’s CRAZY here!

Sorry for being out of touch!  It’s Lambing Season!  Kinda like Shark Week, but with more cuddly babies and less sleep!

We had a dozen ewes all waiting in line to have their lovely little spring bundle of joy!  So far, all twins except one lady!  And we have five more to go!  Oh my gosh…


Oh dear!  What a crazy time, we are all cold, wet and exhausted.

But there is nicer weather on the horizon, just two more storms to get through and then by the weekend, we might actually get some decent weather.

Until then…  here are some of the cute pictures!!!

And if you go and follow us on Facebook, you can learn  more of the up to the moment news and such.  You don’t have to be on Facebook to see our farm page…  Search for  WindhavenFarmOhio…


IMG_3809 IMG_3815 IMG_3816 IMG_3850 IMG_3854 IMG_3877 spicenlambs IMG_3951 IMG_3896

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Working on a New Geology Game!


As you might know, my daughter Jessy’s company is called Dragon Mountain Treasures.  She makes and sells rock, mineral and fossil kits for kids!  She also designed this fun card game called GeoMaster that is doing very nicely and is well recieved!

Well, she’s done it again.  She has been working on a board game all about geology with a fantasy flair and it is called Dragon Mountain Treasure!  Imagine that!  You play a dragon and you go around collecting rocks and minerals for your treasure horder and try to become the head dragon!  It’s really quite a lot of fun!  IMG_3274

We just got the little dragons in a bit ago and even the kitty thinks they are pretty keen!

It will also be a fun educational game as you play a dragon with a geological type they specialize in…  like metamorphic or igneous and you collect treasure cards that offer a bunch of different types of specimens, each with information on the card about that specimen to learn about!  IMG_3293

I have been doing all the artwork and we started with a very rough handdrawn board and cards and have been working to get it closer to the finished project.  This board above is the third proof!  It hadn’t been sent to the printers yet, just printed on our own color printer, but it’s very close.  IMG_3295

Like any game, you have to play test it.  Over and over and over again!  You try and break the system, to find flaws and fix them. Luna kitty is making sure we don’t cheat!

IMG_3301 IMG_3304 IMG_3307

It’s hard to do anything around here without kitty supervision!

But it’s sure fun and we try and get others to play and see if they understand the rule or not.  And we try two players, three, and four to make sure it doesn’t play weird with different combinations of players.  IMG_3309

And look now!  We got back from the printers the first proof!  A real board!  And colorful cards!  DMT-game arrived!


It is SO exciting!  The artwork for the two card decks is pretty much complete.  There are a few little grammar errors, and things that we want to adjust or change, but not too many.  They really turned out nice.  And the board is about 75% complete!  I am going to be designing and illustrating four dragons for the four corners of the board as well as a few landmarks on the board that are now just basic simple drawings.  IMG_3592

Jessy like to put her treasure cards in a jumbled mess!  However…  I prefer to organize my cards!


Look!  I WON!   I can’t believe it.  After playing like 25 times, I finally won a game!  Well, I don’t remember winning, I might have, but this was a really spectacular win!  Look at all that treasure!

IMG_3608 IMG_3613 IMG_3616 IMG_3618 IMG_3620

Well, it’s still got a bunch of testing to do, some artwork to design, a second proof and then the instructions to finalize as well as the box art!  Hardly nothing!  Hahaha…  okay, well, that is a bit.  But we will chip away at it.  We are really hoping to have it available around the first of June!  We shall see how that deadline goes!  Just a fun game for kids and adults alike.  We love to design games that kids can play with adults and the adults have fun, too.  Nothing worse than trying to play a kid game and you are just so bored with it.  This is fun, has twists and turns and is very playable for young and old.  I think Jessy has another hit!  Yah!

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