Basket Weaving Bonanza!


Last year, I stumbled into a new hobby that I really just love!  Basket weaving!  I got a little kit and made a super cute little basket and I was hooked.

Now, basket weaving is still weaving and well, it was an easy rabbit hole to fall down into.  And then it didn’t help when I saw an ad on Craigslist for a BUNCH of supplies for $40.

$40?  Honestly?  I had spent $15 for the one little kit!  I had to act fast.  And I did.  And pretty soon after I was driving to Angola, Indiana to pick up a HUGE lot of stuff…  boxes, baskets, materials, patterns, bits and pieces, tools and just a ton of materials!  It was the stash of a lady that had passed and was sold at auction to another lady, whom thought she was going to make a lot of baskets but her life got too busy.  And here it was, all for me.

Good thing we have a truck!  It was that much stuff!


The girls helped me to sort it all out.

IMG_2932 IMG_2933

It was about five boxes and a couple big bags of things…  just everything and anything.  It was easily hundreds of dollars of materials and patterns and tools.  Just so much stuff.

IMG_2934 IMG_2935

Well, I sorted and found a few things that were not in good shape.  Those things went away.  Mostly a few started baskets that had gotten dried out and broke, so it was not too hard to find them a new home in the wood stove.  Still, the majority was wonderful, so I condensed and sorted it and managed to get it all down into two HUGE moving boxes, packed tightly and ready for my basket weaving career to begin.

Probably sometime this summer!   I’ve made a few more kit baskets and love it.  I’ve always admired baskets and my goal is to make baskets that incorporate natural items from the farm and from my looms and spinning wheels!   So beautiful.

At least I am all tooled up and ready for just $40!   How can you beat that???

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Angora Goats


Long time, no write!

I am so sorry…  life just got so so super busy!

I hope to try and do a little 2018 in review and then get back to regular blogging.  I miss it!

We are all fine, safe, and happy…

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

Sherri, Jessy and Maggie

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Meet Carmel…


Our friend at the feed store had a pair of guinea pigs…  and one passed away.

Her piggy that was left was sad.  And just mopey.  So she asked us if they might want her single guinea pig girl for our single guinea pig girl, Sweetie!   How could we say no?

And she came with a lovely nice cage…  We said sure, as long as our piggy got along with her.  So we brought Caramel home.  And set up the big cage and then introduced the two ladies…

IMG_2844 IMG_2843 IMG_2839

As you can see, they got along famously.  Even the kitties were amazed at the lovely friendship that has developed.  We thought we were done with little rodents, being that my girl children are both in their twenties now, but I guess that guinea pig ownership has no limits!

I have to admit, they are adorable and they are fun to talk to and give little kitchen treats.

And it’s so nice that they have friends for their lives now.  I think Sweetie is very happy to have someone to snuggle with and groom.  It’s important for guinea pigs to have friends because they are herd animals.  It’s just makes things good for them.   And it’s not that much harder to take care of two piggies as it is to take care of just one.

Welcome to the farm, Miss Caramel!!!

IMG_2827 IMG_2822 IMG_2818 IMG_2814 IMG_2812 IMG_2809

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