Farmhouse Quiche…


Our friend Kerry taught us all about the joy of quiche!  Believe it or not, we had never had such a wonderful thing!  She brought us over a pair of them one day as a gift and we have been making them ever since!

Our recipe is easy.  Fresh farm eggs, homegrown pork sausage or bacon and good veggies from the garden!  Add in a little butter, and a lovely pie crust and you have all the makings of a wonderful dish!

When we have a lot of eggs, we make quiche. Simple and easy. I’m sure there are much more complicated recipes but this is how we do it.

1 Package of ready to use pie crusts

Veggies of choice… (Onions, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, green onions, hash browns…)

Meat of choice… (chopped, fried bacon, little chunks of ham, crumbled sausage)

Cheese of choice… (shredded cheddar, swiss, colby, colby jack, mozzarella, or mexican blend)

Lots of eggs
A little cream or milk

Spray the pie pans with a little butter spray, helps to get them out cleanly.

Lay your crusts in the pans, one for each. You can pretty up the edge if you’d like.

Heat your oven to 400 degrees.

Chop up your veggies and add to the pie pans. You want about 2-3 cups of goodies. Kind of fill the pans.

Sprinkle meat on the top. When we do two, we will use one 16 ounce package of bacon, fried and crumbled, split between the two…

Add your cheese. A good handful, as much as you’d like really. It’s very easy to make. I usually just kind of cover up the goodies with cheese.

Crack and whip the eggs with a good dash of milk or cream. Like you would do with french toast or scrambled eggs. We usually use at least a dozen eggs, up to 14 or 15 for two pies. I usually start with 10 and see how that goes. You just pour it into the pie pan with all the goodies. If it looks a little shallow, add more.  :-)

Sprinkle with a touch of salt and pepper.

Slice a half a stick of butter on each one. Thin slices, dotted all over it.

Pop in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Then turn down the oven to 350 and cook for about 25-30 minutes more. Just watch that they don’t brown tooooo much.
If you overfilled them, you might want to put a cookie sheet under in case they poof up too much and dribble over.  :-) Usually, they don’t but sometimes, they can, if you were a little overzealous with the goodies.

Let cool a bit and slice and consume!!! Keeps great in the frig and also freezes well! We often will slice and freeze slices individually for quick yummy breakfasts!


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New Drawing Tool…


It’s been a while since I got a new toy…  For several years now I have wanted to be able to use something to input illustrations into a computer by drawing on a screen or tablet.  I’ve tried various things but they always left me feeling awkward.  I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid and I just could not get the right feel, pressure or coordination between a tablet, stylus and a screen.

Until now.


I finally got an Apple Pencil!  It works with my ipad and OH MY GOSH…  it’s so wonderful!  Oh dear, it’s everything that I always wanted in being able to draw straight into a digital file.  I’ve been busy just learning the touch and feel of it and of course, watching a ton of YouTube videos of people using this tool in so many amazing ways!

I found that one of the best programs to use with the Apple Pencil is ProCreate!  It’s a wonderful drawing program and has so many options for illustration.  And the best thing?  ProCreate is under $10!!!


If you are looking for a great drawing stylus, I really think that you need to check on the combination of an Ipad Pro, Apple Pencil and ProCreate!!!  It’s just so much wonderfulness!!!!

(And one really fun thing is that ProCreate allows you to create a little video of your drawings!  It’s so fun to watch what you draw!  Enjoy this little my Little Pony drawing!)

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Kathy and Bill’s Visit…


The kitties were all happy and ready to visit!  Or sleep in a pile of hay, which ever came first!

My friends Kathy and Bill came out to visit us in late Fall last year!  It was so cool because I’ve known Kathy since I was in high school!  Honest!  Like a hundred years ago!  Or well, maybe not that long, but it’s sure been awhile.  We lost touch for a good deal of it, but then a couple years ago, we reconnected through Facebook!  Yes, good old social media!  And then through chatting and such, we actually started working together…  I’ve been doing her vinyl decals and t-shirt designs for her business…  Farago Arts!  She has an Etsy shop…  you can visit it here…


The goaties where happy to see everyone!    They came down to pick up a big order of t-shirts for a Barn Hunt club!   If you don’t know what Barn Hunt is…  do check it out, google…  it’s a fun dog sport where owners and dogs get to compete to located hidden tubes that live rats are in!  Pet rats, and no one is harmed in the process.  But it’s a lot of fun for all, kind of like a farm based hide and seek.

IMG_2545 IMG_2549

We are discussing the finer points of hogs and piglets!

Okay, maybe instead we are just handing out treats!  Yeah…  still, Kathy loves animals and knows a lot about them for a city gal!  She’s a dog groomer and has been involved in purebred doggos for EVER!   Back in the old days, we even showed dogs!  I just had my one lovely Belgian Shepherd lady, Gypsy, but she has had a bunch of sweet Welsh Cardigan Corgis!

IMG_2554 IMG_2557 IMG_2561 IMG_2564

Emerald was very happy to see her!  She is happy when anyone visits because it means lots of pets and yummy treats.  And she smiles…

It was a very nice visit!  We had a little lunch and a good long time to talk.  And of course, the animal visit was fun as well.  Beulah was doing her best impression of a sheep trying to squeeze through a teeny hole!  haha….  silly girl.  IMG_2569 IMG_2570 IMG_2575 IMG_2577 IMG_2581 IMG_2588 IMG_4541

These are the fun shirts that I made for her club…   Kathy designed them and then the girls and I did the cut vinyl and applied it on the shirts!  I think there were 30+ shirts!  So much fun and I’m glad that they all loved them.  That orange was very very bright…

It was so fun that they could come down from Michigan where they live and visit us all!  We love when people come to the homestead and see all that we are doing and just visit all our goofy critters…  until next time!!!

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