Chaffles!!! They are so good!


Oh my gosh!  Have you tried chaffles?  They are all the rage in the keto world.

We gave them a try to save carbs because I am a type 2 diabetic.  Any carb savings is a good thing, but I’m not so thrilled with really no carb items…  until now!

Chaffles are basically egg and cheese waffles.   And they have a remarkable texture and taste that is super close to real waffles!   People are making them in so many slight variations and using them for bread substitutes…  like for sandwiches and just to have something like bread to eat with their keto meals!  Or any meal really.

They are super easy to make, too.   And if you just happen to have one of these super cute little waffle irons, you are in like Flynn!   We got one at a closeout outlet place for $3.  You can get them on Amazon for really cheap, like $15???  They are fun for regular waffles or even like grilled cheese sandwiches with regular bread.  Just a fun little machine.


We made some with a scrambled egg and a little bacon and it made a wonderful little breakfast sandwich!  I have made them like a BLT and they were delish.   Even had a pair with a burger and then tried with tuna fish salad.  All equally good.  IMG_6786

We found that a teeny bit of flour helps with the taste and texture.  We played around until we got the smallest amount that helped with texture and taste but kept the carb count super duper low.

Here is what we found that we like a lot!

We tried half a dozen variations that we saw all over and finally came up with the one that we all feel is really good and yet super low carb! And then to celebrate, we made breakfast sammies! Here are our two recipes that we used!


Windhaven Approved Chaffles

1 egg
1 tablespoon of mayo
2 tablespoons of fine shread mozzarella cheese
1 tablespoon of all purpose flour (could be almond if you wish!)

Whisk together good, pour half into a small waffle maker and cook. Takes a few minutes. Then cook the rest of the batter. Two lovely chaffles with a very low carb count. (Mostly just the flour)

If you want to use almond flour, you MIGHT have to add like a 1/8 teaspoon of baking powder to help them raise up a bit. They will be even lower in carbs if you use almond flour. We are going to give that a try when we get back to civilization and they have such a thing! haha… But one tablespoon of regular flour is like 6 grams of carb, so it’s really not too bad for a whole bun or a pair of waffles, etc. You go with what you have sometimes! Still the almond will make them like 2 grams!!!!


Windhaven Approved McDonalds Egg Sauce

1 tablespoon of DILL mustard (must be dill!)
2 tablespoons of mayo
A sprinkle of garlic powder
A sprinkle of kosher salt.

Mix together nicely and you have a copycat of the secret sauce on the McD’s breakfast sandwiches! The dill mustard is a little hard to find, but we did find it at Walmart.

This is really good just a dab on scrambled eggs, too!

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Wow.  Has it really been almost a year since I posted last?

Can that really be?

Seems almost unreal.  I mean, I love my blog and I love chronialing my life here on this little electronic journal.  So many things have happened in the last ten or twelve years.

But, life just got in the way!  I guess I needed a little break.  I’ve kept up a fairly daily narative on Facebook, because it’s breif and easy to just post some witty little bit or a picture or video of the day’s adventures.  But it’s not the same as writing out a blog post.  It’s different, more thoughtful, deeper.  Sometimes.

Well, I don’t want to go into a bit of long, drawn out excuses but basically, our life has just gotten very very  busy because of one of our home based companies going bonkers!  Miss Maggie’s woodworking company has just risen up and consumed us all.  She is getting any where from 4 to 7 orders a day and making looms and weaving tools and we are just tired.   Yep, tired.  Especially coming off the holiday season, we are ALMOST caught up on due dates…  not overall orders because it just never seems to stop, but no more late order, which will be a huge blessing.  I think by the end of this week, we will finally be caught up on due dates.


Our other companies are still hanging in there, but slightly neglected.  Hoping to sort of rejuvinate them in the coming months and try and spread out the love between the various companies.  It’s hard not to give the people what they want!  Last summer we actually closed down Miss Maggie’s shop for two months because we had over 180 open orders and it was just strangling us.  By the time we had to reopen we were down to about 25 open orders.  We just had to, we were running out of operation funds by that point.  Within a month, it was back up to about 70 or 80 and soon after hit 100.  We are trying to keep it under 100 but it seems every week we get down to 80 by Friday and then over the weekend, when we are not producing but resting, it will be back up to near 100 again!  It is good to be busy, but wow, we are super busy!!!

The farm is doing fine.  Suffering a little from the lack of attention, but we did get a lot done this past summer.  We torn down the failing old poultry barn!  That was crazy.  It netted us a lot of raw materials in the way of a zillion cement blocks and a lot of tin roofing sheets.  It looks so different now, to not have that big old tumbling down building in the landscape.  It’s still a bit of a work in progress.  We ran out of time and energy and it’s still a sort of staging area of weird leftover bits.  Hoping to get it all tidy first thing this spring when we are able to work back there…  minus the mud!

We made the decision to get out of hogs.  Our beloved American Guinea Hogs, to be exact.   They went to live at a friend’s farm and are doing fine.  We enjoyed having them and raising them, but we found that the last two litters, we were having trouble finding folks to buy them.  And we tried raising more for ourselves, but it was just too much.  And there is the cost and effort.  With Maggie’s business so busy, it was just harder to keep them in the style we wanted to keep them.  It was a good decision.

We also limited our sheep flock considerably.  We had 24 and now we have 10.   It’s a much more managable level of sheep.   We are breeding only two ewes this year so that we will have a couple babies to enjoy and add to our ranks.  Emma and Pixie are our 2020 mom choices, both great moms, easy birthers, and often twin.  So we expect 2 – 4 little babies and that is perfect.   Hopefully, not all boys!


Still have Buttercup and her boys, JPG and PDF for our goats and of course, Cody and Shadow, our pony boys.  Our fowl population has taken a hit, and we are down to just a handful of chickens but we are in the process of building a beautiful new coop and run and will add new hens to the mix when that is finished!

I’m also in the process of building a little mom shack out in the old garden area.  Near the new coop.  Just a dream of mine forever…  I have always wanted a yurt, but in our damp climate, I’m not sure a traditional yurt will be the best thing so I have decided as my primary living area, I’m going to build a tiny home.  Actually, I’m considering a Amish shed to home conversion.  Should be interesting.   I really really want to make that happen this summer.  One way or another!  I have a foundation down and was going to try and build it all from the bottom up, but my health has been a little wonky and I’m not sure I can handle it all and get it done in a reasonable amount of time.  So…  I am looking at the local Amish builders for a shell that I can then finish up just how I want it.  We shall see!!!

Jessy and Maggie are doing fine, just busy from working all the time!   I’m so happy that they are becoming more and more independant every day.  They are embracing their lives and doing what they love.  Sure, there are some things we would like to change or upgrade and we are slowly taking care of things, but our lives are pretty blessed already and we love it.  Can’t wait for a little warmer weather to grace our lives.  This old 100 year old plus farmhouse can be a little chilly in the winter and it tends to sap a little of your get up and go!  I think in the end, it’s not a bad thing.  Winter is a time for rest and renewal.  It’s good to have some down time.  Lots of naps and just time to recharge.  I know my own to do list is getting longer and longer as the days get closer and closer to some sunshine and warm temperatures!!!  It really won’t be too much longer and we will have a lot more time to start working outside and getting to some nice sunbaths in the April shine!

I will try to not stay away so long!  I promise.

I do miss this sort of blogging, writing and sharing.  I’m hoping that our schedule will start to level out a bit more.  I think it will.  We are trying hard to work smarter, not harder and to share a little of the effort with those that can help us.  It’s a good thing.

I’ll try and figure out how to add commenting again to our blog.  We had an attack about 2 years ago and our hosting company suggested that we turn off the commenting.  I’ve tried to figure out how to add it back again, but I think that I need to talk to them and figure it out.  I don’t want to accidently wipe out all these thousands of posts!!!   That would be very upsetting.  I do have some of it backed up in a very sort of basic way, but still, just would hate to loose it all.

In the meanwhile, you can always drop me a note at my email…    sherri    at    chekal  (dot) com. (Hope you can put that all together.   Just trying hard to stay ahead of these naughty spammers!!!)

You can also follow us on Facebook…    search for   WindhavenFarmOhio

And on instagram…   WindhavenFarmOhio

The same thing!  Yah!   Easy, eh?

Well, take care and I promise to come back and keep filling you all in with the last year’s adventures…  I mean, I haven’t even mentioned Earl yet!!!


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Major Birthday Purchase!


Miss Maggie saved up her birthday money as well as having a big sale to earn the purchase of a CNC woodcutting machine!  Yah!   She purchased the smallest Inventibles X-Carve that they offer to give it a try.  The goal is to have it cut our small needles, shuttles and other small tools that will help to keep Miss Maggie’s fingers and hands safe!  She had a very bad cut on two fingers that required a good deal of work to heal and we just do not want to repeat that emergency room and hospital experience again!


Thing is…  this beast comes pretty much raw.  You have to assemble it all.  Five boxes!  Once they were all here, Maggie sat down with her Ipad and a bunch of video tutorials and began the work of creating her little woodworking friend!   IMG_4361 IMG_4362 IMG_4368

It took her about 3 days of work.  She was recovering from her finger accident, so it was nice to have something to take her mind off the injury.  And when it was done, it worked great!  It took a little time to learn how to use it, but it’s so much safer for cutting out these little shuttles and needles.  And it can do some really fun other things, too!   We sure have had fun over the last year, learning all that it can do to help out.

IMG_2128  IMG_2129

It has easily paid for it’s investment, in fact, it paid itself off in 5 days of dedicated cutting of our tools.  We hope to invest in the largest one this coming year!  It will be awesome to be able to cut out a whole bunch of tools at one time!  And to expand to some fun things like heddles and other interesting ideas that Miss Maggie and we all have come up with!   xcarve lots of tools

150 weaving needles

It just cuts out the basic shape for us, like she would have done with her scroll saw and drill press.  We still do all our shaping, sanding and finish work by hand.  We love that aspect of her hand tools.  Made by hand with love!  This just is going to help to keep her hands safe and give her a little time to work on the bigger lovely looms and other tools she wants to make!

You can visit her shop at:

Etsy    –    Windhaven Fiber and Tools

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