Chicken TV – Episode 3

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Chicken TV – Episode 3 — 5 Comments

  1. Loving the chicken TV videos!!! Gotta a silly question..gotta you got all these different colored hens..and buck r u…are you gonna get fertilized eggs? how do you know? AND..if you go get chicks..would they be a mixed breed since the rooster doesn’t seem to match any of the hens..its all confusing to me!!!! lol..sorry it IS..! anyway..that’s for the videos..keep em coming so I feel like I get to watch the farm and be part of the family…HAPPY B DAY TO DAY…

    • Well, good questions! Yes, BuckaRoo is doing a pretty good job of ah, servicing the ladies. And since they are all different, if I were to incubate any of the eggs, I would get mixed breed chickens. I do have two Blue French Maran hens, which is what he is, but I’m pretty sure, they are not laying yet. They should be laying very very distinct eggs, super dark brown ones. The breeds I have right now are not generally very good at hatching eggs, or well, going broody, so I doubt they will try and hatch any.

      We hope to get some younger girls that will definately lay a little more consistantly and probably even go broody for us. But for now, it’s all eating and cakes and breads!!!

      The only way you can tell for sure is to crack open an egg. There will be a teeny little dot on the yolk of a fertilized egg. Not that little squiggly bit, but right on the yolk. I did some research on it, there are lots of videos and such that show it on the web!

      Hope that answers a few chicken questions!


        • Well, I hadn’t thought to, especially since there are only a few places for them to lay and we check it several times a day to make sure all are fresh. As we add more hens, I might start doing that. It’s a cool thing!