Gypsy is very sick…

Can you take a few minutes today and say a little prayer and send some good positive vibes for Gypsy, our old sweetie?

She was sick all night and then this morning she was very weak and scared me very much, so we took her in to the vets. They have kept her today, did an xray, and thankfully it came back good and no tumors, foreign matter, or obstructions. But she’s still very weak and vomiting. If she can’t keep any fluids down by this afternoon, she’s staying overnight. Thank goodness they don’t think it’s cancer or any system failures, but rather just a really bad gastro upset, she may have eaten something outside (squirrel, chipmunk, trash, who knows) (dogs! shesh….) or may have some sort of doggie virus or infection.

We want our baby home and comfy and feeling better, and I know that good positive vibes and prayers will do wonders!

Thanks everyone….

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Gypsy is very sick… — 4 Comments

    • Thank you…. they are holding her overnight to see if they can get her eating a little bit again. She’s holding a bit of water in, and that’s a great sign…. She just worried me so much this morning, she was so sick!

  1. I hope Gypsy is on her way to a full recovery, really had her on my mind today, I am a dog lover. I have three, one which is almost 14 yrs old