Gypsy is home!

She’s home from the doggie hospital!   She’s weak and definitely off her feed, so to speak, but Dr. Jen thought she would recover better at home with her family.

Thank goodness… the xrays came back without ANY TUMORS or blockages or foriegn matter, nothing!  In fact, she said that they were EXCELLENT looking for a dog her age.  That was a huge relief, when she was having all those skin issues over the summer, we were afraid that it was something internal, or systematic that meant cancer or something bad like heart failure or liver failure.   But she said her organs and insides looked really good from the xrays, so that was a blessing for sure.

But, she’s still a sick girl.  They did a few tests for the usual suspects, like parasites and such, but she’s clean.  Looks like she either got into something bad that was moldy or yucky or she had some sort of tough virus or infection that just really wiped her out because of her age.

I’m just happy she’s home for Christmas and that she seems to be on the mend.   She really really scared me, you see a lot of blood and a sick dog and you just think the worse!!!  She’s home and resting quietly, not to excited about playing with the pup or anything.  It was cute though, when we first brought her home and she went right to her bed and blankie for some rest… and Evee was really worried over her.  She kept bringing Gypsy her toys all evening, dropping them right by her and just sitting and watching Gypsy.  Finally, Evee dragged a blanket over real near by and laid there most of the night with her buddy.  Just hanging out with her, toughing it out.  It was sweet.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas and that you all have your own little holiday miracles happening!!!

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