A Dog’s Life

Evee is growing up so fast. Hard to believe she is 9 months old! She’s a smart little girl and just a ton of fun to have around as well as a bit of a challenge at times. Australian Sheep Dogs are very talented and smart yet that can be their downfall at times if you don’t keep at them and give them fun and interesting challenges and activities. She is starting doggie classes after the first of the year and that will be LOTS of fun, I’m sure!

She loves Luna Kitty, they are best little buddies. I find them snuggled up together all the time. They actually play together, though kitty does get annoyed eventually and just goes to higher ground if the pup is too rough.

Gypsy is doing great, she’s growing back her hair and looking better all the time! She’s even to the point that she doesn’t need the medicated shampoo twice a week, in fact, it’s been about 3 weeks and she’s still doing great.

A friend of mine lost his buddy Nigel, the hound, to cancer and he thought of old Gypsy and wanted us to have Nigel’s nearly new fancy comfy bed! How could I say no, and Gypsy settled in pretty quick to loving it. Now, she is camped out on her little fluffy throne bed most of the day, of course, with her favorite blanket as well. She’s totally pampered and loved.

She and Evee just play and play… and I think it’s really been helping her hips! The pup loves to rear up and lightly touch down on Gypsy’s back, and nibble on her neck and try to play “take down a water buffalo” as Gypsy patiently accepts the abuse and grabs at her ruff and all. Evee is very gentle, it’s like she knows and if she’s too rough, Gypsy will let her know very quickly with a snarly response. Its very silly to watch, Evee looks like she wants a pony ride, dancing around with her front feet on her middle back and Gypsy has to sort of adjust and balance with this silly act. I think the gentle pressure and need to support and accomodate the pup has been like personal trainer and daily exercise. She really has been moving better and much more active.

(Thankfully, it’s just fun play and not ah, mature humpy dog play… hahaha…. Gypsy ain’t having to part in that dominance situation, and she’s very protective of her hips directly, so if Evee gets ANYWHERE near the back end, she gets a growl and a backing down and she respects that greatly!)

I’m just glad that everyone is getting along good and adjusting and having a lovely time. Evee is very funny with the snow… she doesn’t really like it a lot, and will do this bunny hopping thing to get from one part of the yard to the other quickly. Almost like a gazelle. HAHA… very silly.

Yesterday, she slipped, racing up the snowy and wet stairs and now thinks the stairs are too scary to use. So we have to walk her out and in! Shesh! Hopefully she will be over this new little neurosis soon! Young dogs can be so easily messed up at this formable time in their lives. We sweeped the back steps really good and hopefully we’ll have a little sun today to dry them up nicely. It’s been so bitter cold the last couple days, just not normal for around here.

Well, that’s a bit on our canine livestock… we luvs them!

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A Dog’s Life — 2 Comments

  1. What breed is Evee? She is beautiful! I suppose I would say that since she looks soo much like my Molly. My girl has the golden eyes and that rich dark brown, but she’s got tan spots mixed in and her hair is a bit shorter. We’ve got no idea what breeds she might be a mix of and people are always asking.

  2. She’s a real Australian Sheepdog… they come in a lot of colors and variations and such… lovely dogs! We love herd dogs…. We have a Texas Heeler and a Belgian Sheep Dog as well!