Blog Reading Weekend…

I can’t help myself.  I’ve been reading blogs all weekend.   It all started with Jenna Woginrich’s Cold Antler Farm blog…  well, I was reading her new book… Made from Scratch and then I thought, I wanted to read some of the archives and well, I ended up reading EVERYTHING in her blog!  hahaha…  yeah, that’s me.

And then since that hadn’t filled me up totally, I mean, it was the weekend and I had at least another 24 hours to sit around and dream and read… so I headed over to my favorite piggy homestead… Sugar Mountain Farm to find out what the family there was up to.   Of course, this all just makes me want to do MORE AND MORE on my own…

It’s cold and raining here… and the Lumi died yesterday, again.   One of these days I might have a car or van that is less than 15 years old, but I’m not sure when that will be!  But sometimes I don’t mind so much when it’s acting cranky.  We have a good stocked pantry, and we’re simple eaters, so even raman noodles is a meal for us.  We have things to do, crafts and games and critters and of course music.  We don’t have cable, or really watch much TV…  but if the internet went out, then we’d be jonesing… well, we do make most of our living off the internet and our empire of websites and such, so that only makes sense that it’s important to us.

And of course, it keeps me in touch with all my farming blogs!!!

Gotta get busy next week though..  been kinda loafing this week, spending more time outside and all.  My computer is a little lonely.   But that’s okay, since it’s had me for like 5 years nearly every day for hours and hours on end.   We just needed a little time apart, you know, to find ourselves and appreciate each other and all that stuff.   That and my butt seems to be stuck in this chair way too much and I need to get this old body up and moving a little bit more.   Ain’t getting any younger.  Felt good to lift boards and dig holes and all that.

Can’t wait till the dirt comes in!

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