Happy BIRD-day Maggie!

Maggie, my youngest daughter, loves birds and well, all sorts of critters.. but lately she has really been into birds and feeding them.  I wasn’t sure what to get her for her birthday, coming up at the end of April… but then I saw in a magazine a bird feeder pole!   And it was perfect!

It’s basically three pieces of black iron pipe and two 90 degree corners.  Oh, yes, and a couple bags of quik-crete concrete.

First… you dig holes for your poles to go into.


And then get the conrete ready to go.


And then…. add water and mix up with a shovel….


After awhile, you set your poles in to the concrete and you wait for a day or so…  for the stuff to get good and hard.

And then… you start to add all your various bird feeders and fun stuff to the pole!   I think she can have a ton of stuff on this wonderful bird feeding station.

We’re going to add some thin, tall trellises to the ends of the poles and grow morning glories up them…. and add a rock garden down below.   It’s going to be stunning as we keep working on Maggie’s birthday present.  She’s also getting a few new feeders too… so she’s pretty happy.

And her Dad is going to help her build a honest to gosh fort/hut/girlcave next to the shed for her birthday!   She’s quite pleased….


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