Women Need Gardens

I’m convinced.   Women like gardens, men like fields.   We like the smaller, more confined yet well maintained gardens…  we don’t need heavy equipment and tractors and seed that comes in one variety and by the ton.  We want 16 different veggies in a 4 x 8 plot.    We want color and variety and stuff to worry over and check on.   It’s a girl thing.


So when women need gardens, women go to Lowes.  And we did.  And we got boards and screws and stuff like that.   And trotted them home in the Lumi.

Boards are heavy!  My arms were kinda aching after we got all 12 board in and then out of the van!  And these are not your little 2 x 4s…. these are 8 footers and 6 footers.   I wanted to make my beds 10 by 5, but they were out of the 10 x 2 x 10’s…. so I decided to change a little and make 8 x 6 beds.


Now I know this flies in the face of reason… I mean, EVERYONE uses 4 x 8s for beds…  well, I can reach that extra foot on each side and I had gotten these fancy corners from Gardener’s Supply last year and I only had so many.   I wanted as much bed as I could muster for my three big beds.


These corners are really cool.   Just a little like bracket, that you slip your boards into and screw into the metal.  Nice looking and designed to last and last.  They are not cheap…  $40 for 4…  but well, I wanted them to look nice and I used to be a little more flush than I am now, so I had splurged.

After all, it’s been like a good 5 years since I really gardened because of all the chaos and renting and moving in my life.   I figure that the money I saved from all those years of NOT gardening, kind of made up for this one little splurge!


Jessy makes a pretty handy counterweight for our very fancy girl sawhorse.   hahaha….


I will calmly admit here, that I hate my drill.   It’s this very cheap nasty plug in the wall thing and it’s just dreadful.  I usually end up throwing it, or doing a good deal of cursing.  It’s just awful.  I really really really need to get some good manly advice on a decent powerful, yet cordless drill for around the homestead.  This one is dreadful and I think if I am ever found dead in the yard, it will be because of the drill and my blood pressure rising much too high.


Look!   Three corners done!    Don’t they look nice?


Moving right along…. Two beds done!

As you can see, we’re going to have to dig out the top of the bed boxes a bit… apparently we’re on a bit of a slope.  That’s okay.  I’d rather get them leveled out a bit and all before the dirt comes in.  I really want these to last a good long time and if I take the time to do it right, they will last.  And if I don’t, well, the water will run funny and all that.   And I’ll have dirt coming out the bottom corner, etc etc etc….  no fun.

I am learning one thing about the moby and all.  Taking my time and doing things to the best of my ability is a real plus.   So many moby homes I see, seem to suffer from “lackofplanningitis”  and they stuff is done kind of, well, shoddy and fast.  And then it falls apart and just kinda looks well, awful.  I would much rather take my time and do it right, or not do it.  It means living with things a little weird for lengths of time, but I do like how it turns out once we’re done.



I did take a little time to plant this climbing rose bush that I got at Aldis… only $4.   It’s already setting leaves and I had set it out a night or two to kinda of harden it up a bit…  might be a little early, but I dunno… I figgered I would give it a try.  I’m hoping that it will crawl up a little trellis and on and over the shed.   I think that would look nice.


Well, it was a good 4 or 5 hours all told, but I think they look fabulous.  They are set up and ready for a little leveling and then dirt first of the week.  I can’t wait.  I think I’m going to just have a dumptruck of dirt delivered, because  I have these three to fill up and will be building another 3 beds for the corn, wheat and berry crops.   Yeah… this is going to be one fun year.

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