Jack in the Sunshine

Isn’t our new boy really loving his new family?   He was with us all afternoon while we worked on the yard and the raised beds and the bird pole…


He and Luna are getting along pretty well… she likes to play with him and chase him about the place… he seems to enjoy it as well.   I think he’s pretty young still, adult, but I would guess him to be under 2 years old.   He just has that look to him, still kinda gaunt and new a little gangly…


He looks so happy with us all… he likes the dog and the activity, he didn’t even mind when Bella the greyhound came over to visit.   He is not bothered by the ferrets, though I think in his curious little kitty mind he’s not sure why these house squirrels are so fearless… hmmmmm….

I just like it when he cuddles up with me in bed at night.   He likes the creature comforts of a warm blanket and some lonely gal to cuddle and scratch him under his chin while he purrs away most contentedly.   He’s definately my new kitty boy.  My heart is gone.  :-)

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