New Critter on the Homestead


Meet Jack.  He’s the newest member of the flock.  He just showed up one day, crying and mewing pitifully at the door.   He was upset and hungry.   We gave him a little food outside and Maggie immediately was out there playing with him and petting him and then we discovered he was declawed!  And he’s much too pretty to be a feral cat.   In fact, he’s got no fleas, his ears are clean, his coat shiney and nice…  he’s either lost or a drop off.  We put up a little note at the office and asked around, but no one seems to know where he’s come from nor have they seen him around.

Well, after it got really cold and he didn’t go away, I finally couldn’t stand it one evening…  it was so cold and he was so pathetic, crying outside the door and then right under my window… I had to let him in.


He’s a perfect little gentleman.  And the girl kities are actually very tolerant of him.  He’s just the cutest thing too… he likes to sit on the couch like this…  on the side and all.  And on our arm chair.  It’s very adorable.  He’s got very nice manners and knows about the box and all.   He’s actually stayed the night a time or two and spent the day snoozing on my bed.   He’s pretty content already.


Yeah, he’s a happy boy.   Here he is conferring with Luna about lunchtime and what the menu might be.  Ha ha ha….     He is officially part of the flock.

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