That’s gonna be me today…. sitting in the sunshine and just kinda vegging for the day! I finally have a day off from the salt mines that is our holiday rush. We’re not done with orders by any stretch of the imagination, but we’re out of stock and have several boxes/orders coming on Monday so there’s not much I can do till then! Yeah!!!!

So I thought, what a great opportunity to catch up on some household putzing.. you know, just wandering about and doing a little of this and that while you surf ebay and watch tv and take a nap or three. Yeah. Make a late brunch for yourself, and just stay in your jammies till at least 2 pm. That’s gonna be me today!

We had an Opry last night on top of everything else, so I was super duper crazy busy. I was sitting in traffic at 5:30 PM and the doors open at 6 and I had the tickets and programs and raffle tickets and all the show stuff in my car, so you can imagine how important I was! hahaha! But thankfully our crew of volunteers was on board and Jeff had them waiting on call and the minute I got there we all swung into action… stapling and folding and unpacking and getting the ticket table ready and all that. Heck, even Lori and Brad from New Outlook, the opening band, lent a helping hand with stapling and folding programs! It was wonderful and helped me to calm down from my close call with disaster.

Well, I decided that today, one of the things I’m going to do is try and catch up on some posting! All the time I was slaving away at Jessy’s company work, I was thinking of cool posts! I even managed to get a few photos of things, and all that. So I will try over the weekend to post a bunch of stuff for everyone! You can try and read slowly, like one or two a day if you can, or just read a bunch I suppose! I’ll probably be CRAZY busy next week as we try and get everything out the door before Christmas… so postings might be a little slim next week too. Just warning you all!

Well, breakfast is about ready, so I’ll see ya in a bit!

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