So Far So Good…

Well… spent most of the morning in my jammies just putzing around and then I decided I had to do a little work… can’t hardly stand to relax, something I really need to work on.

So I “postalized” all the orders we had finished up the day before.


We used for our postage so we don’t have to wait in line and make people super mad during the holidays! HAHA… used to and I actually had people get mad at me. Wow, didn’t like that so now we just print the postage here, tape them up and pack them up and off we go!


I actually filled the entire back end of Jessy’s stationwagon! Jack is of course, helping to supervise the procedure.


I slammed the lid shut and lost a screw to the license plate!!! Crazy. And I couldn’t find the dumb thing… gotta go and get another set I guess soon enough. I stole those as it was off the van that I’m selling because my car is supposed to be done next week!!! YAH!!!!

So I headed off to Tractor Supply to grab my monthly homesteading magazines, some dog chow and a for sale sign for the van. Oh yeah, and some chewies for Gypsy because she’s a good girl and good girls get goodies from the Tractor Supply place. She rode shotgun with me and knows when we go there, she gets a treat!

Love walking around and looking at all the farm stuff and thinking, yah, maybe some day I can stop in and get a chick feeder and some halters and a trailer part and a 50 pound sack of critter feed and that kind of thing. Ahhhhh…. dreams.

Instead I dropped off the postaged boxes, grabbed a couple coney dogs and some fries and headed home for lunch, a little reading and well, probably a nap!

See ya in a bit!


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