Working at the Family Mine…


Don’t worry, we’re not dead.

And nope, no cave-in at the Dragon Mountain Mines.

Just a ton of holiday orders, and a bunch of tuckered out order packers and kit makers and all that jazz.

We had to call Tim in as second shift and teach him all about the kit making business. He’s a fast learner and is already identifying some of the varieties of rocks and minerals without any help from us! It’s cool.

I am enjoying the process, and am weary of it at the very same time! HAHA… It’s a lot of work and it starts to get stressful when everyone starts to panic about getting their orders before Christmas. Even though it’s like still a good 2 weeks away. I can understand, it’s just something that I wish we could get better at, but it takes a lot of time to keep everyone up to date all the time. And that, in turn makes us a little slower having to stop and answer phones and emails about orders that were placed a day or two before. Crazy stuff!

Thankfully, I’ve learned from the past years, and I have all my Christmas shopping done, and have cleared my plate of most of other projects, so that I can focus on keeping the whole machinery moving forward. We’ve got another good week or 10 days of crazy ordering and then it will calm down and get back to normal!

I should be getting a new-to-me computer from the work, and that will really help in so many ways with all that we do. My current computer is now 6 years old and in the computer world, unfortunately, that’s about 1970 to you and me! But don’t worry… I am looking at refurbished and used machines… just not quite so old. Jessy’s old laptop died a few months ago, so she is going to get my current machine when I get the new one. Trying to keep up a bit, but still try to keep the machines out of the landfills!

I hope everyone is doing good! I have a bunch of posts floating around in my head while I sort out rocks, minerals and fossils for all the good little children of the world!

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Working at the Family Mine… — 3 Comments

  1. My computer’s five years old and I’ve honestly been contemplating a replacement but it works fine. So a new computer will not grace my hands yet. I might need a laptop for college but it’ll probably be a refurbished one. I also can’t understand how some people go through cell phones! Something that they replace every two years can last longer. I guess I’ve been just as bad. I’m hoping that my $20 tracfone will last me a good few years. This is my fourth phone in five years. Two of them got recycled but my Virgin mobile phone I’m keeping just incase I switch again.

  2. Aren’t you proud of me? I read your blog all by myself. Keep swinging that ax! I feel a real kinship with you. My Great grandpappy went down into the mines every day he could get work.

  3. Haha! Wow Shelly! You’re moving up in the world! Your First Blog Posting! I am so honored!!! I’m sure that your grandpappy worked a lot harder than we do in our mine! Ours has carry out food, pop and the tv playing bluegrass music! HAHA! Thanks for visiting!!!!