More Shearing Pictures!

Well, I have given it a good try.  And I am an awful sheep shearer.  I tried, I honestly did!  But it takes me forever and if I don’t have a very very willing participant, they get upset after awhile and it just is not a good thing.  Since I would like to be able to see my fleeces and spin their wool, I really really need to find a good professional shearer.  Hopefully, soon!

If you’re in the northwestern Ohio, Southwestern Michigan area and shear sheep, please give me a shout?  If not for my sake, for the sake of my sheep?  They are getting laughed at by the other sheep.

Beulah was the worse!  She was unhappy to begin with and no level of snacks would change her mind.  She stomped, she wiggled, she tossed her head, she peed on me.  Three times.  It was then that my sheep shearing dreams were dashed on the rocks of uncertainty.  She did me in.

Well, enjoy some of the pictures of the gang while I was trying to shear two more sheep!

Luna said she’s like to be shorn if treats are involved.  She would probably stand still for awhile for tuna!

We moved the ponies out into the garden to do a little ground work!  They are very good and work cheap.  I can’t put the sheep or goats in there or I would not have a garden left.  But the ponies leave all the garden stuff alone and work on just the grass so it’s a good thing.


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