I fixed an Ipod!


You might not know, but we don’t have any fancy cell phones or smart phones around here.  Not that we disapprove or anything, just can’t really afford the expensive plans and we really don’t talk much on the phone. Maybe some day, but right now, we just mainly use our home computers and I have an old Ipad Mini that I love.  But one thing we do miss is having some way to connect to free WIFI when we are on errands or out away from the homestead.  So when a friend had this ipod for sale with a broken screen, I gave it a good long thought.

She wanted only $10 for the thing.  It worked, just the screen was a total mess.  She said you could have a shop replace it for about $100 or you could do it yourself with a kit.  It was a slightly older model and she had another, so didn’t feel like messing with it.  I checked and the whole screen kit was only $15 on Amazon!  And it came with all the little tools you needed.  (There are cheaper kits but they don’t have the tools…)

After watching about a dozen videos of the installation on YouTube, I decided that I could probably do it.  So I bought the ipod and ordered the kit.  And cleared away some time to give it my whole concentration!



Honestly, the hardest part was getting it opened up with the badly cracked screen.  As I started to work and remove the screen, it started to shatter and break into shards.  It took almost an hour to just slowly and carefully remove all the little bits and clean out the little side track.  Once that was done, it was still a little tricky, but I just took my time, watched the video, rewatched the video, paused the video, starting again…  you get the picture!  They really should give you a little bottle of whiskey and a big dose of patience when dealing with so many teeny little screws and such.  I just really took my time and was careful.



And it worked!!!!  Yah!!!!   I do believe that I would not make a good bench tech at all.  And I did learn a few new swear words.  But the feeling of doing something way out of my comfort zone and having success?  That was wonderful.

Now I have an ipod that I can keep in my purse and have available when I need it on the road.  And I can load with coupons for stores that take them.  Already I save $8 at Hobby Lobby by having a 40% off one item coupon ready to go!  And I was able to transfer from funds from our Paypal account on the go and I messaged Jessy while at a gig playing music.  Perfect!

I am very certain that the coupon function alone will make me back that $25 investment.  Well, already the cost is down to $17!  Another couple coupon savings and that baby is free!  And now I don’t have to worry about breaking my larger ipad or loosing it!  I would hate to loose this little mini me, but it would not be as sad as loosing the larger ipad and all the goodies on it.  I can also listen to music, check weather, and manage some of our Etsy shops and online websites!  Not too bad for a couple hours tedious work and a replacement screen kit.



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