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Folks ask us how many chickens we have.  I’m usually not sure.  I know it’s about twenty or so…  But since they are all free range at the moment, it’s very hard to know for sure.

However, they always come in the morning when we feed the livestock!   They always get some scratch corn and feed, so I got the bright idea to take a quick picture or three of them and then count the picture later!  So here you go!

We have 25 adult birds!   Most are hens, hence the H in their count titles.  We have five roosters at the moment.  Three are Marans roos and two are not.  The Marans are the ones doing most of the command work, breeding, protecting, that sort of thing.  They are the big, heavy hitters and dominant of the gang.  The other two, Luke and Kid Rock, they are drop offs from the big city here to live at the Windhaven Country Home Rooster Sanctuary.  Yeah, we take them in.

Now, we do have 26 chicks in the brooder…  and they are doing great!  Will be a few weeks before they will move out to the screen porch and keep growing up!


chicken count 2chicken count 3chicken count4

chickencount 5


Beulah thinks that all these chickens are kind of a bother.  They always are trying to eat your grain and just have to be everywhere.  She feels they should be locked up.  Sheep are very judgmental and have strong opinions.  (hee hee)

Just isn’t spring without a passel of chicks in the house.  I would love to incubate our own, but we just haven’t had good luck doing that.  So until I can afford a good Brinsea incubator, we just buy a bunch from someone on Craigslist or a local breeder we know.  We got 20 mixed breed farm mutts, always a good color collection and 6 purebred Marans..  would really like to have a lovely flock of Marans some day.  I do have quite a few already.  Just need to gather them up and keep them together!  Someday!

In the meanwhile, we now have 51 chickens at the farm!  :-)

DSC_0581 DSC_0475 DSC_0474 DSC_0472 DSC_0470

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