Jelly Bean and his Womenfolk…


Jelly Bean is getting to be quite the handsome little buckling.

He is so fun, and so sweet.    He’s not quite as sweet as Aunty Buttercup, but he’s darn close.

He pretty much thinks he runs the place.   It’s a goat thing.


I just love these pictures that Jess took of Jelly Bean and his mom Daisy and Aunty Buttercup.   They are all good buddies.  He loves his women.  Even Rana sort of likes the little bugger.  She won’t admit to it, but you can see her wag her little tail and sometimes even give him a little sweet nuzzle behind the ear.

How can you not love Jelly Bean?

IMG_3114 IMG_3116

The little twin lambs, Eowyn and Arwyn, they are very bonded and stay close to each other all the time.  I love this shot of them resting in the shade of this big sugar maple.  They are so beautiful, these little lambs of Iris’s….   She’s off grazing somewhere but the little girls are tuckered from running all over the place and have settled down not too far from JB and his ladies.


It’s good to be the Jelly Bean King!

Isn’t he just beautiful!  He is just want we wanted.   A little pygora half breed with beautiful fiber.  He can stay and help with the fiber fund.  His fleece is so beautiful and soft…  can’t wait to see if it continues to be more and more like his father!  So far, so good!

We’re pretty sure that Rana and Buttercup are carrying babies too!   Just going to be later in the summer…  Howdy’s babies.   SInce he didn’t come on the scene until the middle of February, and both does are finally starting to develop little udders, I am going to say anytime after the middle of July…  We probably have a good six weeks before we see any more little Howdy babies on the ground…   he’s got four beautiful babies over at our friend Jess and Erin’s farm!  It would be lovely to have a few here in July!  Can’t wait….


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