Big Office Redo…


On of the best things about decorating your home is that one gallon of paint can really change a whole room around for the cheap!  And when you get that gallon of paint from a friend or a $5 mistint…  it’s even more wonderful!   And that just happened to us!   Our friend Kerry and her family recently moved into a new home and while they were working on colors and painting, accidently got a gallon that just really didn’t work like they wanted it to.   Too close in shade to another color that they hoped would be more of a contrast…   so she asked if we’d like the gallon!   Why sure!!!   We were very thankful.  It was a nice light gray and if we didn’t use it somewhere special, we could always find SOMETHING that it would be great for on the homestead.


But as we decided quickly, it would be wonderful in our big office because we were kind of sick of the strong blue color!    Once we opened up that big hole in the living room wall, the strong blue of the office and the pale mossy green of the living room, well, they didn’t really match nicely.  And we were just ready for something lighter, brighter and a touch more modern.

So we got to cleaning, organizing and getting things moved around a bit.   Jess and I are the master organizers and the place really needed a little touch up in that department.   Hey, it’s a working space and well, it can get out of hand now and then.  Maggie got out the paint tray and after wiping the walls all down nicely, she got to work.


I like it already!   Brighter… lighter!   Of course, the ceiling tiles are so old and dirty….  one thing at a time, right?   We’ll worry about that later…


Getting there!  Looking so much better!   Love the nicer lighter tones…


Wow!   Much more complimentary with the mossy green in the living room…   Why is that whenever you are doing a major clean and paint job, the room looks HORRIBLE until about an half hour before it’s done?   I guess it’s a condition of decorating… the storm before the calm?


I thought we should paint that raw opening and help to blend the two rooms together a bit more.  It worked!   We are going to put real trim up there and all, just have to get the boards and all, soon…  soon!   The budget is a wee bit tight so this will have to do.   It was really amazing how much better just the paint made it look!


Haha… Jess is taking a break.   Caught her goofing around with her ipod while we are working.   Oh, I was taking photos.   I guess I was goofing around as well.


Once we were done painting, we were looking at the old, but sturdy work desks and how worn they looked.  Well, we had some extra stain and sealer…  no time like the present!    We cleared them off and got to work.   It’s amazing how much nicer stuff looks with a new coat of stain and varnish!   We gave them both a good sanding and cleaning, and then went to work.   I just love how nice they turned out!

DSC_0208 DSC_0209

Maybe not perfect, but sure a lot nicer!   The darker walnut stain goes nicely with the wall color.   It’s very nice…

DSC_0210 DSC_0212

Wow!  How nice!   We love it.   All cleaned up, organized, and painted!   We have to make some new drapes or shades for the front windows, but gosh, it’s so nice!   We love it.   Maggie moved her fancy desk around and that really let a ton more light into the space.   It’s all so nice and neat and clean.  Wish we could do something about the ugly ugly ugly carpeting, but that’s another day and another dollar.  I looked up dying it and all, but in the end, it’s probably best to just wait and some day get all the flooring in the main part of the house fixed up and nice.


We replaced a couple of the really bad ceiling tiles, and that is nicer.  Of course, it opens up a whole new can of beans because the other tiles are kind of yucky.   Been reading on line and such on how to clean them…   so we might either clean them or paint them or both!   A nice crisp white would be lovely and bring more light into the whole place!   Still, I love how it looks and the girls did an awesome job of getting it all done in just two days!

We have more painting, organizing and fixing planned throughout the summer.   Our plan is to mostly deal with the outside projects and needs while the weather is still nice and comfortable!   When it gets too hot and muggy to work outside, we’ll start working on the inside and get some little projects done around here.   Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?   Can’t wait…  bathroom needs help, the dining room does…  we need to finish all that free trim we got…   lots of fun stuff to do!



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Big Office Redo… — 2 Comments

  1. Love the new color. You inspire us to just take what we have and make it
    better without going into debt.

    • Thanks… We are just so very tight in the whole budget department, I just have to make ends meet by being very very frugal about any decorating and such. :-)