Jelly Beans First Hoof Trim…


Hmmm…. What’s this all about?   My feet?  You want to look at my feet?  Why sure!


Hey, wait a minute…  what’s that thing you have?  Why, what… what…   MAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!


It’s call hoof trimming, darling.   You just stay still and they use the sharp pointy thing and they trim off a bit of your hooves…  it doesn’t hurt, it’s just uncomfortable the way they hold you for a bit…   Just relax and it will be over in no time.



OH MY GOSH!!!!   MAAAAAA!!!!!   I’m dying!   They are going to kill me!!!!   I’m sure of it…. OH MY GOSH!   MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!



Oh, there is nothing in the world like goat drama.

No goofy little goat bucklings were harmed in the making of this post.

In fact, after he was done, he stared at us with a great deal of mistrust for about 10 seconds until he realized there were raisins as after trimming treats and then he wanted us to do that again and jumped right up on the spool.  And when his mom was getting her pedicure, he was trying to get a little extra nursing time in, which ticked Daisy off.  Haha…

Rana and Rafeka are easy, they are hard to catch when they figger out what is going on, but once caught they just lay there and are resigned to the task at hand.   Buttercup is a royal pain…  she’s almost as bad as Jelly Bean.   She figits, she bawls, she kicks, she lurches about…  shesh….  the five minutes turns into 20 minutes and usually involved a smart kick to the head for me or Jess.  I would like to say she’s getting better but my mom told me never to lie.

Dreamy is the most laid back goat buck in the world.  He just lays there and says “do whatever you want, I’m probably going to die anyway.”  He also got a belly trim because he gets pretty long haired and it can get a little nasty down there…  Thankfully, no potty area rash!  Yeah!   We try and keep our two boy goats neat and tidy in the bikini area…  just helps a ton.  And helps to keep them smelling a little less buckish…   haha…

Hopefully Jelly Bean will think fondly on the good boy treat and not focus on the few moments of drama and next time it will be a little easier!    Goat’s hooves grow very fast.   The sheep are good once a year at shearing time…  but the goats, they need trims just about every month or six weeks or so.  They love it when we are done…. gives them good traction and the ability to leap around and frolic.   That is very important to a goat.

We are happy to report that Miss Daisy had a clean bill of hoof health.   Last trimming, she had a back hoof that was a little icky…  we  trimmed and cleaned it good, and dosed a bit of hoof med…  she’s the very first one we’ve ever seen with a wee bit of hoof rot.  It was after the spring rains and the mucky muddy nature…  we are very careful and watchful and I’m happy to report its all cleared up and lovely.   Not a single sign of anything wrong.   I really hope we were mistaken and she had just stepped in something icky, but it just didn’t look quick as good as the others, so we decided to err on the side of being proactive.  Hoof rot in goats and sheep is just no no no fun!   I’m so happy that all our gang has lovely good hooves!!!  Yeah Team Windhaven!



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