New Workspace

As much as I love my old drafting table…..


It was too high to work on all the time.   It’s great for drawing and all, but for some reason, it’s very uncomfortable for working on the computer and that is most of my work day.

So…  I decided to buy a little cheap desk for the side, that I can put the laptop on and still have my big beautiful workspace of the drafting table.

Walmart had a nice little cheapy thing on sale, so for only $29, I was ready to get started…



Actually this was one of the EASIEST put together furniture things I’ve done in a long time.   No drawers, no wheels, all that stuff… it was really pretty easy.  And quick.


Just perfect.   I’m typing at it right now…   Much more stable than the old old laptop wobby wheely skinny thingy that I have been trying to make work for like 4 years and never could.  This is just right.   Not too much and I might just paint it with that copper metal look paint in the spring time and it will work a little better in my room office.   Maybe not.

When you spend like 6-9 hours a day working at a space, it’s important that it works for you.   My back was killing me from working with my arms too high up at the drafting table.  And that means unhappy mom worker.   Not good.

Be good to yourself…. make sure your workspace helps you instead of hindering you!!!

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We Was Approved!

I was so excited… our company was approved to become a client… yeah, maybe that doesn’t make you tremble with excitement, but it sure did it for me!!!

4over is a big four color printing firm that caters to print shops and graphic designers. They really don’t want to mess with the public at a whole… because they deal in volume and speed and well, they just want your files and don’t want to be all touchy feely and up front with something that wants to spend like 2 hours discussing their business card.

But that’s okay… because I know what I’m doing.


Here’s my first order back from the plant!   Oh my gosh!  It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

And the prices… oh my…. if I told you the prices, I’d have to kill ya.

Suffice it to say…   it was considerably less than $50 for 1,000 full colorUV chrome coated 2-sided business cards!!!

Let me know if you need a great deal on ANYTHING printed… any size, anything!!!

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The Cost of Rehab

Well… the moby only cost $800… but in the end, it was a little more to make it comfy and habitable!

Here is the whole low down on the cost and time and effort that went into making our little urban homestead ready for the winter…


Mobile Home $769.50

Custom Box Co. $49.54
Big Lots $61.65
Home Depot $97.76 $79.80
Wendys $16.36
Wal Mart $34.20
Max & Ermas $48.27
Home Depot $244.11
Home Depot $84.69
East Chicago Pizza $15.99
Miejers $22.99
Boston Market $22.05
Home Depot $83.49
Home Depot $51.04
McDonalds $12.06
Lowe’s $131.21
Lowe’s 63.06
Lowe’s 101.43
Lowe’s 34.91
McDonalds $13.01
Lowe’s 60.96
Dollar General $25.25
Long John Silvers $8.77
Dollars General $4.27
Popeye’s Chicken $21.49
Menards $36.54
Dollars General $8.54
Big Lots $52.74
Day Cement $56.58
Home Depot $73.42
Ralphies $30.94
Long John Silvers $14.35
Lowes $11.67
City Q BBQ $18.76
KMart $60.33
Burger King $14.39
Meijers $67.37
Lowes $20.68
Meijers $56.69
Lowe’s $8.16
Dollar General $8.01
Burger King $12.26
Carpet Guy $70.00
McDonalds $5.25
Meijers $57.86
Lowe’s $73.15
Lowe’s 20.89
Lowe’s $12.72
Lowe’s $57.97
Lowe’s $13.23
3 Happiness $17.95
Ihop $21.84
KMart $65.00
U-Haul $47.79
Arbor Hills Dump $35.00
Lowe’s $379.15
Lowes $115.35
Lowe’s $14.80
Lowe’s $46.22
Goodwill $53.38
Lowe’s $65.67
Lowe’s $16.92
Lowe’s $12.75
Buckeye Cablevision $113.00
Meijers $57.86
Lowe’s $73.15
Lowe’s $20.89
Lowe’s $12.72
Lowe’s $57.97
Lowe’s $13.23

GRAND TOTAL: $4,261.00

My Budget was $3,000

Revised Budget is $3,500

Over Budget by $761.00

Last Revised Budget $5,000

(Can’t go much over that!
I’m done for awhile!(g))


65 Days So Far
(25 days been at
least 10 hours long
Rest of the time is an hour or so a day… )

With about 4 people a day working….1,000 man hours into the project


4,900 Miles So Far

at an average of 25 miles to the gallon and $4.00 a gallon… we’re talking: $784.00 in gas!

I’m no longer counting gas/miles because we are now permanently located in Toledo, Ohio.


Jessy & Maggie Chekal
Wilson & Earlene Birdwell
Jeff Birdwell
Steve Chekal
Dave Russell
Shelly White
J.B. White
Marv Clark


June 3, 2008


June 21, 2008

New Projected Move – In Date June 30, 2008


June 25, 2008

We are still a little rough, no tub or hot water, but it’s like camping, only with air conditioning!

August 10, 2008

Moved in, Hot Water, Bathroom closer to being done… still no tub, but toliet and vanity are in place! Needing flooring still in the main area, but bedrooms are done. Very livable, but still working on final look!

October 26, 2008

We have been living here now since June 25, 2008, and it is now the 4 month mark. Pretty much all the major structural projects are done in the house, with the except of fixing the front door. It works, though is a little out of plumb and should be an easy fix. Everything else is now cosmetic and we are going to stop keeping track of the cost and days and such… In the end, it cost us nearly $5,000… but we have a wonderful efficient mobile home that is over 900 square feet of living space and we OWN IT ALL!!!

Our lot rent is very very reasonable, and combined with all of our utilities, including internet, our monthly cost is just below $500. We anticipate the winter being a bit higher with gas, but then the summers are a bit lower.

Considering that in Michigan our monthly budget for a 1000 sq foot rental home was over $1700 a month, this is like living free! We just found out that even our property taxes are only $82 a year. You just can’t beat that.

Thanks for sticking through the whole rehab and we’ll post updates and beautification projects as we go along!

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