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As much as I love my old drafting table…..


It was too high to work on all the time.   It’s great for drawing and all, but for some reason, it’s very uncomfortable for working on the computer and that is most of my work day.

So…  I decided to buy a little cheap desk for the side, that I can put the laptop on and still have my big beautiful workspace of the drafting table.

Walmart had a nice little cheapy thing on sale, so for only $29, I was ready to get started…



Actually this was one of the EASIEST put together furniture things I’ve done in a long time.   No drawers, no wheels, all that stuff… it was really pretty easy.  And quick.


Just perfect.   I’m typing at it right now…   Much more stable than the old old laptop wobby wheely skinny thingy that I have been trying to make work for like 4 years and never could.  This is just right.   Not too much and I might just paint it with that copper metal look paint in the spring time and it will work a little better in my room office.   Maybe not.

When you spend like 6-9 hours a day working at a space, it’s important that it works for you.   My back was killing me from working with my arms too high up at the drafting table.  And that means unhappy mom worker.   Not good.

Be good to yourself…. make sure your workspace helps you instead of hindering you!!!

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