A few June 2020 pictures…


Isn’t she cute, just sitting there in the sunshine and shade?  This was back in the summer of 202 when we were working to finish Willowcroft Cottage all out.  It would take a couple months to get her ready to move in around September.  I am very proud of the little red gate and I hope to build a little trellis around it and plant some morning glories or perhaps a pretty clematis.  I think that would be very welcoming.  And I’d like to add two little solar lanterns to each of the posts to light the way home.


I needed just a little step up on my deck, someday to become a porch.  These lovely stones were found at Lowes.  They are prefect and I love how they look old.  I believe that I will be getting a few more to perhaps edge a few little planting areas or just make the steps longer.  IMG_8177

The Chicken Coop is coming along.  I wish that I could have it done in time for move in, but it’s not a high priority.  To be honest, it will probably wait until this springtime.  I really didn’t want to try and get my cottage all nice in the fall and winter and then add chicken keeping to the mix as well.  Once spring gets here, I can have the run built and then we can install a handful of lovely hens to entertain and provide some fresh eggs and amusement!  IMG_8178

The little lambs were very interested in all the goings on at the cottage.  One thing I just can’t wait for is to enjoy all the livestock in the spring and summer months.  I will have a little fence around some of the areas that I want to protect but there will be lots of nice grazing spaces very near to my cottage.  It will be nice.

IMG_8181 IMG_8184

Love the look of the color finally!  It’s lovely in the spring and summer but it is a little too purple in the winter now.  I might consider a slightly different color but right now, it’s fine.  I can’t wait to just keep working on making her cuter and lovely as I go!

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Sunday Afternoon Cottage Visit


As we were working on my cottage, one of the things I loved to do was to take a little lunch out and go and visit.  Just hang out, learn the space and enjoy it.  Day dream about where things would go and what I would do.


The funny thing is that the animals liked to come and visit to see what I was doing.  Why was I hanging out at the little barn?  They just didn’t know what to think of the whole situation.  Evee, our dog, loved to visit, and then to protect me from the sheepies!  Crazy girl.  IMG_8427 IMG_8429 IMG_8430

For awhile, one corner of the cottage was the tool shed!  It was just a little too annoying to walk back and forth for things, so we just started a little pile of all the stuff that we kept needing.  Now that the cottage is finished, I do want to make a little tool shed/deck box sort of situation out here for just those kinds of things that I don’t want to trudge back and forth for!  A few gardening tools, birdseed, perhaps a bit of cleaning supplies like buckets or window cleaners, that sort of thing.  Want to keep everything easy and handy!

Version 2

I just love my front door…  being able to see out and to let in sunshine is just so much of what I love about this little space of mine.  The big house is rather dark and just kind of well, dark.  I wouldn’t say foreboding, but it’s just designed in a way that it’s not very bright inside.  We have been trying to replace a few of the awful windows in there and lighten up the space, but I think it’s always going to be a little on the dark side.  But not my cottage!  It’s so bright in there that I actually had to get a couple darkening blinds for my sleeping area!  They do help when I’d like to sleep in a little bit longer than dawn!!!

Just wanted to share the cute photos of what an afternoon visit to the construction site felt like. Super amazing, if you ask me!   Dream come true!!!

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Long time…



Oh, I am sorry, it has been a while, hasn’t it.  I just haven’t been in the right head space lately to do anything routine and regular.  Well, working, that is about it.   I do think about blogging and there sure has been a lot going on, but still, just run out of hours at the end of the day!

As you may have seen on the Facebook page, we’ve had a busy end of summer and fall doing some construction and deconstruction projects!  Mostly, getting my tiny house ready for winter so that I could move in.  I did and I absolutely love and adore the space!!!   Can’t wait to get to spring and start working more on the outside!!!  I have so many plans, imagine that!

cottage drywall

It’s all so beautiful in the cottage now, All drywalled and painted and filled up with my stuff and all the whimsy that I adore.  Probably a little bit more than I need but that will level out as the months go on.  I just find the place to be so restful and helping me to recover from the hard year that 2020 was!  It had good points, but mostly it was a year of loss and struggle.  But, well, we were not the only ones by far, so it’s time to move on and get some springtime here to brighten our lives again!


Jessy started demo in her room…  rooms?   She has had one of the smallest bedrooms in the house, aside from my old room, and the odd thing is that there was another room right next to it, that just begged to be made into a suite.  We checked and the wall between was not a load bearing wall, but we still put a heavy duty header in there to be safe.  Now she has one bigger room that is slightly segmented, but it will be wonderful.

Unfortunately, as we got working, it was almost the holiday rush season and well, it’s still a little rough.  However, she is in the final stages…  primer and paint!   And then some flooring choices and she will be able to start moving in!  She will need some window trim and such, but so does the rest of the house and Maggie wants to learn how to make trim on her router in the woodshop so we are going to do all the trim at the same time!   Crazy, I know, but it does make sense.  The cottage needs it, as well as the kitchen, studio, bathroom and now Jessy’s room!   Thats a lot of trim to make for sure.  IMG_9167

I will try and get caught up.  I have several little folders of photos and stories to share.  I do miss this sort of longer journaling, rather than the shortie bits on Facebook and Instagram.  It’s just that sometimes things just get in the way.  You know, life.

I hope all are good and I know that there are probably not that many readers anymore.  But I promise to give it a good shot and if anything, it’s a great way to document our crazy life for us!  Sort of like blog scrapbooking…

Stay tuned!

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