Living Room is getting there…

Well, there is floor down there.  It took awhile but we got the nasty old carpeting and padding up and scraped the floor and removed nasty ancient tack strips that distingrated when we tried to pull them up.  Jessy and I cut up the carpet and got it started, but Maggie was the queen of the rehab and spent many hours scraping and finishing the whole room for us while we packed orders!  We are almost done.  Had a crazy order day today, but I suspect it will be slowing down soon.  It has to!  Christmas is just around the corner!

Can’t write a bunch, but here are a few pictures… we actually moved in the big furniture, the tv and started to set up the tree!  But we’re in crunch time, so we had to stop for awhile.  Hoping tomorrow to take a look at some rugs and such…  not sure if we will buy used or new yet… just going to see what they have and all at Lowes…  Thanks for the suggestions about used rugs and wonky smells… we have a 106 year old farm house that already has LOTS of wonky smells… don’t need to buy more!  haha…  Hopefully we will find something that suits our budget nicely, we’ll see!

In the meanwhile… enjoy a few pictures and we’ll see you all in a day or two!!!



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