Today’s the Day…

We got the walls and the ceiling done!!!   Yahooooo!

Now all we have to do is a few little touchups and rip up the old carpeting!   We are going to save it for the garden paths in the spring.  And pray that the floor below is like most of the floor in the old house… wooden, but not in the best shape.  We are hoping to be able to clean it good and lay down a hard floor paint.  Then we have been seeing a lot of beautiful full room rugs on Craigslist…  for $50!!!  Would love to do wall to wall fancy carpeting but that is just not in our budget at the moment.  However, a beautiful Oriental rug or perhaps a contemporary nature design, like pale leaves or something cool… yeah…. I can like that a whole lot for awhile!

Evee brought her baby, Floppy Puppy, out of her crate to watch Maggie and I paint.   It was pretty funny.  She was very interested in the whole painting situation.  We used a sand texture on the ceiling, just to help blend it all in nice.  It just looks so beautiful in there.  I can’t wait to see how it looks with furniture and a Christmas tree!  If we get everything done, we will try and put up the tree tonight and that will be very nice.   We’re still super busy with the rocks, but it’s showing signs of slowing a wee bit.  That will be good!  My to do list for the farm is growing in leaps and bounds since we haven’t been able to do much but take care of orders!  January is going to be a super productive month here at the homestead!!!



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Today’s the Day… — 3 Comments

  1. ..we’re redoing a house on a budget also..and the rug thing came in play. Most of the older houses we looked at..have carpet in the bedrooms only..but anyhow..we looked everywhere..Lowes, Home Depot, Andersons..and everything else in between. a used rug on Craig’s list..for a little over 50..and unbeknown to was musty..must have been in a wet basement. I did not notice that til I got it home. So ..then I tried cleaning it..and I thought I was doing THAT right..but it took days..DAYS to dry..and when it did..the colors had bled..the rug was was just a mess..not mentioning the additional cost and pain to try to use it..I had to through it was a big oriental room..but the smell..the hygiene..was horrible.
    You can get a brand new..”cheapy” Lowe’s, Anderson, or Home Depot..for around 100-125 bucks..I have two I bought last year..I love them..I love laying on them..and no one else’s crud..They might only last a few yrs ..but by then Ill want something different anyhow.

  2. I second Linda’s suggestion. You have no idea what could be on a used rug since you really can’t clean them that well (unless you are having an expensive rug professionally cleaned). I’d rather know that it’s my own dirt that I am laying on or walking on with my bare feet. If you still decide they are a great deal, take a blacklight with you. That will show you stains or accidents that you can’t see but might eventually smell!