Lucky, the Chicken…

Meet Lucky.

She’s a BB Red English Bantam Game pullet.  She’s about 3 months old.

She was part of a little clutch of eggs that I bought from a lady on Craig’s List, 7 of them.  Fiesty, delightful little crazy chickens.   They were doing great with Pete (formally known as Petunia) and Daffodil, the older banties that we hatched during the summer.

But then for no go reason, the other 6 chicks began to pick on Lucky and made her head a bloody mess!  Maggie found her and rescued her from the bullies and brought her inside for safety.  She cleaned her wounds and put some BagBalm on her booboos…  (Great stuff for animals and people!)  and then installed her in an empty aquarium to heal up.

Well, she healed pretty nicely, still missing some head feathers but rather whole, so we slipped her back into the brooder at nightfall, to see how she might work back to her little banty flock.

And they attacked her again, making her bloody.  We had to get her right out.  So Maggie now has a new friend.  Lucky, the chicken.

But here’s the best part.  Lucky LOVES Maggie.  She coos and talks to her, she rides around the house on her shoulder or head and watches movies with her, walks around on her desk, just hangs out with her.

She GROOMS Maggie!!   And will tickle her ear and just adores Maggie in so many ways.  She tolerates Jessy and I, but Maggie?  Well, Maggie is her saviour.  She rescued little Lucky and thus became her only true friend.  We have tried to match her up with the two little chicks that hatched end of last week, thinking just maybe she might get a little broody and attach to the two little wobblies… but no,  She just pecked at them hard and sort of scared the little dorks, so we had to take Lucky out.  Lucky is a one woman chicken.

Maggie has a way with animals and they know it.  She walks around the farm yard with all her minions following her, baaing and clucking and meowing away.  She is never alone here at the farm.  Ratchet is her buddy and Luna keeps tabs on her and now little Duke, the kitten, is very attached to her Maggie.

But Lucky is super attached and getting more and more comfortable being a house chicken.  Maggie and Lucky were taking pictures of the little hen in the Christmas tree.  Yeah.  And I found them in the bathroom together…  Lucky was playing in the little puddles left in the shower.

I don’t know about you, but I think Lucky is one lucky little chicken.




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Lucky, the Chicken… — 5 Comments

  1. You could buy or sew her a chicken diaper and keep her as a house pet. People really do do that! That way you wont get chicken poop everywhere!!

    :) Sooooooo fricken cute though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Believe it or not, she seems to control her pooping when she’s out of the hut! Oh, she’s not perfect, but most of the time, she doesn’t poop on Maggie and Maggie is usually holding her. I guess if you’re a chicken, you don’t poop on your friends! haha… thank goodness.

      With 8 kitties at the moment and 2 dogs, Lucky will not be a floor chicken! She would not fit her name long. The others tolerate her when Maggie is there to watch her all the time, but I think they would be a little well, rough on her if she was left to roam the house!

    • I don’t know. Some say it’s overcrowding, but then, we’ve only seen it twice and both times, the chickens were not in crowded situations. I guess it’s just one of those things. They hate to see anyone bleeding, and will attack anyone that is bloody for any reason. So, if she might have bumped herself on the perch or anything, just a wee bit of blood, the others will attack her. Very weird. It’s why they clip the beaks of caged factory chickens and will even put little red sunglasses on them!!! Honest! So then, everything is red.

      I hope that when Lucky gets a little bigger, we will slip her into the lil coop when everyone is roosting and dull for the night. Big hens don’t seem to fuss much with the banties in their midst. And the banties are faster than the big hens, so that might work out well. As much as we want a house chicken, I think she would be happier, eventually, out with others of her own species! And she could still visit Maggie every day, sometimes even more times a day!

  2. Another delightful story from the homestead. I love it. Of course I read it to the family. That is one lucky chick.

    Your daughters are such an asset to the farm. I LOVE the floor under all that stuff and what a project. You guys are super productive. I agree about the Lowe’s rugs. The rug in the photos of Zach’s room that I sent you, is from Lowe’s. Everything else in the room is skimped on but the rug is SO worth it to put a few extra pennies in. It elevates the rest of the look.

    Overall I like the room and you chose a great color. You know, If you look back on the move in date, you have made amazing progress on your farm in a short amount of time. If one were to list the improvements it would be hard to believe you’ve done all of that in the months you’ve been there. Clearly you are very focused and confident in your goals. I’ve always said “Give me four walls and I will make it a home.” You set a good example of living that dream. Happy Holidays to you, the girls and the rest of the menagerie.