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The month of May is a busy one on the homestead… and here at the urban Moby homestead, stuff is FINALLY starting to really get blooming and going strong. Here is a little photo posting of all the good things going on here!!! I’m glad to be done with my crazy month of bluegrass… i need to reconnect a little bit with my homestead… and my gardens and all! (Oh yeah, and work. hahaha… gotta get back on track with my work schedule and to do cards because gotta pay the bills you know…..)


My daisies are really blooming in my big pots at the front door….  they are beautiful dash of white with all the purples in the pots…  I do love purple.


These are the hostas that Jeff and I rescued last year from my old rental house!  My gosh are they loving this place… the dirt is really good here and the shade is perfect.  I’m so glad we brought them…  I almost left them, but was convinced that we should dig them up.  They moved from Perrysburg, OH to Redford, MI and then back to Toledo, OH!  Very well travelled hostas…  last year, they did not really do much… shocked I guess.   But my gosh, they are really take hold now!  Yeah!


The Siberian Iris are blooming and they are SO beautiful.  So delicate and just pretty…  I love big iris, but these guys are my absolute favorites…  and they are adjusting nicely to the moby yard!


We got this beautiful blue saucer to mount on top of our birdbath…  and it’s really nice.  The birds seem to enjoy it and I’ve seen them hop on the rocks in there to get a little sip of water and all.  I’d like to see one take a bath, but apparently they are shy and not ready for that.   It probably doesn’t help that Gypsy the wonder dog likes to think it’s her personal watering spot in the yard.  She’s just tall enough to slurp up a drink when she needs it.


Jessy planted giant sunflowers ALL over the yard… and I’m so excited to see them sprouting all over the place… in raised beds, near the shed, in the gravel area, etc.  I know that many will get trampled or succumb to bunnies in the night… but I’m hoping that by OVER seeding the area, we’ll get a nice group of them to really get going and do well.  I love sunflowers…. they are so cool.  I’m going to be planting rows of them with the corn this coming week!!!


The raspberries are doing nicely.  I’m not sure if they will bear fruit this year, but at least they are growing well and have nice green healthy groupings of leaves.  I have some wild raspberries that I got from a friend, but I’m not sure I want to introduce them into this patch.  I think I might grown them on the far side of the moby, and just let them be wild…  not sure yet.   We’ll see… still kinda thinking about them and wondering what I will do with them.


The Fortress of Solitude is still being worked on.  Since the chief builder left for a vacation, it’s kinda at a standstill at the moment.  They do have the walls up… and are waiting to kind of do some more fussing on the appearance of the fort, and of course, right now it has like some wood storage in there and my new screen door and the shutters, etc.  Dad is due home in a while, so I’m sure that construction will resume at that time.



The radishes are doing fine… like all radish do.  And the sweet onions are really going to town, so that’s pretty keen.   I plan to add a little mulch to these beds as soon as the peas get a little stronger…  I think the topsoil we got is a little shy of good humus and all, it’s getting a little dried out too fast.   A good layer of mulch would really help to make it nicer for the garden plants.  And it looks nicer in the whole scheme of things too…   and in the fall, we can dig it under and loosen up the soil a bit as it composts… all good stuff.


I can’t wait for the sugar snap peas to start growing on my crib trelises!!!  Soon enough, peas are fast growers once they get going.  They will be reaching for the sky in no time! I have more seeds and I might wait like another week and then start a second planting of peas so that I have a really lush field of them.  I love them and so do the girls, so it’s a great crop for us.


The beans are finally up!!!  I was getting a little worried…  I hadn’t seen ANY sign of life from them and then all the sudden, they were up.  Sweeeeet!   I love beans but the girls do not… more for me!!!  Yeah!!!  I planted bush and pole beans… should be fun!


Our couple heads of califlower are actually putting out heads!  Yeah!   This is probably the most expensive plant vs food we have…  the little starters cost $2.45 each and i think right now you can get a head of cauliflower for like $1.99 max!  hahaha…   Oh well. These will be magnificant fresh cut and smoothered with cheeze in a cassarole!  YUM…. Jessy really wanted to grow cauliflower and broccoli!  So we’re doing it.  We’re not really planting this garden to save a ton of money… more so because it’s good and homegrown, fresh picked and yummy… and it’s a wonderful experience to grow and nuture your food from start to finish.  Very redemptive living….


Kitty in the wheat field.  Little snert…  she seems to think that the wheat is her personal little kitty grass field!  I shoo her out all the time.  The nieghbors asked me if I was growing grass…. in a raised bed!  hahah… Nope…  it’s wheat.   Of course, right now, it looks like grass.  Hmmmm…. perhaps I need to put out a little sign or something…


The main bed with all the store bought starts is doing pretty good…  it looks good at least but then starters really do help to make things good looking…   I couldn’t find any broccoli starts for Jess!   We have a space for them…  I’ll do better this week I hope.  I have a couple more peppers and a pair of grape tomatoes to plant and then we’ll mulch out this bed.   Good stuff….  Gotta still build up the little cuke rack….


The cilantro needs a haircut!   I should probably see about trimming it up and drying a few clumps of the yummy stuff.  It makes great fresh salsa… if only I had some peppers and tomatoes ready to go…


Need to bake up some potatoes or make some fresh chive butter.. hmmm that would be good on some fresh rolls….  sounds good to me!  Tomorrow might be herb clipping day!


Here are my new little babies, just kinda hanging out on the front porch waiting for me to plant them… it’s been a super busy weekend!  And though it looks to be a busy week, I think I can squeeze in a little gardening time….   I need it!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little photo round up of the things going on here at the Moby homestead….

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