Another gig….. wow!

Well… number 7 for the month of May and I’m really getting tuckered out! I thought it would never happen, but like I’m actually getting a little bit played out! Amazing….

I’ll recover in no time flat, I’m sure! But I am finding that the life of a very active musician can be a little hectic. I’ve been sleeping a little more because of getting home later and all. And when there is a gig to go to, it kinda of eats up the day getting ready for it and all. Good stuff, just just different. We normally average about 2-3 gigs a month… so, it’s just different, but fun.


Today, Memorial Day Monday, we were playing for Ashton, Jeff’s Little Brother from the Big Brother, Little Brother program. What a great match up over 10 years ago… both for Ashton and his Mom and for Jeff too… you can see in their wonderful relationship that they all mean a lot to each other and I’m sure that they have all benefited from this wonderful program. It was an honor to be able to come and partake of the party and then to pick a little for the gathered family and friends. Ashton is a helper at the Opry and we’re doing our best to expose him to bluegrass, but right now, unless it’s the group Blue Storm, he’s still on the fence about liking the stuff! (g)


It was just the Deepwater trio today… the others had family committments and couldn’t make it out… but that’s okay, Jeff and Wilson and I started out as a trio back in the old days, so we can play okay together. I get to play a lot of breaks that way… good practice!


The party was at our local Wildwood park shelter house and it’s very nice in there. Would be a great place to have a party or a picking jam or something… nice day.. great food and wonderful family and friends… best place to play a little music for folks!

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