Thanks everyone for the computer cheer up and horror stories of computer stuff to help let me know, I’m not alone… haha…. The last two days have been a little, well, dreadful. Nothing super serious, just lots and lots of little things that all swelled up to a big unpleasant mess that made me very stressful and threatened what my friend Lynda and I call… SHUTDOWN…

You know, where you just walk away from it all and go find a book and hide in your bed for most the day until you feel a little better and can sort of think straight again.

Just seemed that Monday was one of those things that I dreaded… the old chaotic Mondays of the old days when I worked for the man, and just everyone would dump on you for the first 6 hours of the day and then retreat to their own little empires to brew and seap while you tried to get a grasp of what first to do while you are armpit deep in alligators! That was my Monday!

Computer issues were defeating… customer service was nuts for some reason, people had lost their downloads, people were grumpy about back orders and some were looking for late orders. Our brand new water heater decided to stop working, so that meant no hot showers, or washed dishes. The bunny hutch project was starting to build in time and materials and still was NOT done… we’re working on a music show with some folks and it was just getting a little wonky since we haven’t had a show for some months and all. Of course, money is short, we had a dreadful month of sales and it’s finally has caught up with me. And it was hot and humid and I got a HUGE electric bill… it was just one thing after another all piling up and making me crazy!

Thank goodness I HAD to go to Toledo on Tuesday, take the girls to see their Dad and do some errands and egg deliveries. And Monday evening, a wonderful young man offered to help with the computer situation… Thanks Guri! And then a friend emailed that she has an expensive biomass stove that they are selling and they want to sell to us at a STUPID low price… it was so nice! (Helped to ease some of my worries of how we were going to heat this joint in a few months…) And she doesn’t even mind if it takes me a while to get the cash together! And then another friend IMed me outta the blue and we had a lovely little chat gripe session that ended up with a really good positive session and got my self back to a nice calm middle place, instead of a “poor me” pity party place… And it didn’t stop there… got the last of the stuff for the hutch and we finished up at least the top, two cages done around 1 am… and we scored over 50 loaves of bread for the livestock (and us) for $5 at the outlet place!!

Did I mention that Steve got the water heater fixed and Maggie got our dishes all caught up, bless them….

I worked hard to get all the customer service stuff done, the Opry tickets arrived from the printers, and by the time I went to bed last night, my to-do cards were WAY down and back to a nicer calmer level. In fact, the neighbor kids showed up and invited Jessy and Maggie to a quick round of card games and it was so fun to just sit on the couch and relax, listening to the four of them laughing and being silly.

They were playing some game that was like Scabble, but with cards and I was the official helper of them all… since they were trying to make up words and would occasionally get a wonky hand. I was so happy that Maggie was in the fray and doing pretty good. I even got to help her learn how to fake out the others by introducing Kee… the Scottish word for harbor… AND THEY FELL FOR IT! hahahahah…. Maggie could hardly stop her wildly excited giggles when one of them said, Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that… hahaha…. Nothing warms the heart then to teach your youngest how to cheat at word card games… hahaha… it’s the bluff, I tell ya. The bluff!

Well, in the end, she had to admit and they all laughed and giggled, and it was delightful. Of course, being Maggie, she tried another goofy word later on, something about a New Jersey marsupial and they were on to her…. hahaha…. Still, the evening, sure made my day.

So… the computer is off to Florida, the bunnies are happily installed in the new hutch, orders to going out the door, hot water is once again flowing (it was a simple thing… the thermostat on the thing had gotten bumped to super cold!) and we got a little extra windfall of money that saved the day. Just an extra $150, but hey, it was perfect and helped out for sure.

I guess what I’m saying is that over and over I am reminded by Grace that sometimes, yes, things are a little overwhelming. And yes, there are unpleasant days even in the middle of one’s life long dreams fulfilled. Yet, life is like a normal day of weather… hot and sunny, warm and nurturing and dark and stormy as well, but it all passes, it changes and is never the same day in and day out. I try so hard to watch my thinking and moods… slipping into the pity pool does nothing to refresh and uplift me. I just have to learn to grab on to a firm hold and wait out the storm, even the tornados that life throws at you now and then. Because there is always a brighter moment coming and hopefully, even a rainbow to lift your spirits. All is well. Looking forward to a little music at the week’s end, since we’re playing Thursday at the Wood County Fair… and a little quiet, since we’ve vowed no new projects for August… and just in the last two days, orders have picked up and hopefully that is a sign that the doldrums of July are gone and we can get a little better wind in our sails for the rest of the year!!!

Thank you all for attending my little grumpfest! I’ll get a t-shirt out soon… (haha)

Still waiting on kittens… poor Topaz is starting to waddle around like a little kitty blimp… any day now… any day….

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Improving… — 8 Comments

  1. You know Ms Sherri..its GOOD to have bad days..and it’s OK to have self pity..because of those kind of times (believe me..we all have horror stories)..its because of those rough times is what makes us appreciate what we have..and when to be thankful.. I made a deal with GOD awhile back..that he can take everything I have or own..and I’ll be ok with that..just pray he keeps my 2 girls healthy..that’s all I want..period ..all the other “stuff” means nothing…nothing..

    welcome back..

    • Well thank you! You know, it took me like 40 some years but I FINALLY understand that we make ourselves feel the way we do. If I want to sink into a big negative pity party gal, that is my decision. Yeah, sure, outside forces can be overwhelming and all, but ultimately, it is me and myself alone that makes me feel good or feel bad or whatever. I choose just not to let myself feel that way. I don’t like it and I don’t want it. I can’t always overcome those feelings of frustration and hurt, but I have noticed that I’m getting better at recovery and snapping back faster and faster. And that is good and healthy for a soul.


  2. Glad things are going better and are on the way up. I (selfishly) want to hear more about the biomass stove. Pretty please???

  3. Sherri, I’ve seen people kwetch and moan a lot worse over much, much less.

    Thanks for being willing to share the good, bad and frustrating with us.
    You’re a precious, courageous woman. May God bless you!!!!!!!


    p.s. Topaz is expecting? Hmmmm. (: