Okay, I’m grumpy. Actually, I’m really feeling a little upset because I just spent the last four hours trying to install a hard drive for my computer, which died a few weeks ago, and I finally saved up enough cash for a new harddrive and now it still won’t work. Won’t recognize a CD in it’s drive, called some friends, checked on line, it’s something ELSE wrong with the computer. It’s bad enough that I lost the last 5 months of data, because well, with the new farm and all that was going on, silly me, I didn’t back up all my work, including some client and new product work that took me HOURS and HOURS to do and it will cost a bazillion dollars to have some fancy place try and recover the data… But now, I still can’t get my computer to work. I’m using Jessy’s borrowed laptop which she is a doll for letting me use, but still, it’s not my computer and I really really really really am grumpy at the moment and I think I’m going to bed.


Sorry for this little bit of angst, brought to you by Me. See, even perky happy Sherri gets the blues now and then.

And not EVERYTHING is perfect in Sherriland.

I just usually refuse to let it bother me too much, but I guess, I’m at my limit, so it’s time to just go and lay down and let the universe work and just maybe, maybe, when I call the tech people, they will have some wonderful little trick that will get it all to work.


I think I’m going to go and eat fruit cocktail out of a can.

That should help. Probably.

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Grumpy… — 7 Comments

  1. ouch!!! been there..done that…I have no comforting words that can fix your upset..except..think how good your last couple months have been..! It was time for something …

    After this happened to me..during a storm..I learned 2 down the computer and/ or get a surge protector..and two..make a “rebootable disk” ..don’t remember how I did it..other than the computer asked me several times if I wanted to make finally I did.

    When the computer crashes…or a black or blue reboot with this diskette..and it runs a program that tells you what the issue is..mine said I needed a new hard drive..mine was only 3 mths old..HP did not want to replace it..when I told them about the rebootable disk..and the code was only then they did replace it.

    Best thing to do is get some rest..take care of all this tomorrow..there’s still a chance it can all be saved or easy..

  2. Oh so sorry to hear that. I work on my computer too, and hate having to work on my hubby’s laptop. I really hope the tech guy has a magical secret or something to getting it fixed for you! I’d totally eat fruit cocktail in the can too.

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear this. I have worked on many desktops, but the most I have ever done with a laptop is to put in more memory. But many times, a might’s sleep fixes everything, and I hope it does this time. Or maybe the fruit? But I think chocolate would work, too.

  4. I was going to say what Linda did, it sounds like you need a boot disk. When mine died I contacted HP and was able to buy one from them. That got it back to recognizing I was trying to fix it and (re-) install new software, etc. If you have a repair place you use, they might have one already or might be willing to purchase it, use it for your computer and keep it themselves to use for others in the future. After we got mine back ‘working’ it took another week or so of using it with errors and lots of reading online to finally figure out that somehow a new (less than four month old) memory card had gone bad. Once I got that out of there it’s been fine.

    Good luck!

  5. Oh, Sherri. I sure hope you find some “reasonably priced” help for your PC. I know we’re lost without them. So glad that your daughter is sharing her computer with Mom :)

  6. Forget the fruit cocktail! I’d take my fruit in the form of liquid grapes aka wine. Best wishes with the data recovery.

  7. I’m sorry to say that I lost 25g of data on a 6 month old Western Digital 1TB Passport. It says that that data has been used on the drive but I only have access to 3 files. I unplugged the drive and don’t know what to do with it…’s just sitting there mocking me!!! I’m just sick, I know exactly how you feel. However, I try and keep the sickness away temporarily with ice cream!