Fun Day at the Fair

Why is everything good at the fair… fried?????

Well, I resisted all the fried stuff at the fair. I was going to splurge, but after paying $5 for a lemonade, which was absolutely delishious, I just didn’t have to heart to pop down any more cash for stuff that was going to keep me up all night long! Haha… getting old is rough some days.

We had a nice little show today… Deepwater played for the Senior Day group at the Wood County Fair, here in Bowling Green, Ohio. Very nice folks to entertain for. I tell you, bluegrass is a great music for the fair, seems perfect if you ask me. We had a very nice crowd and we had a very nice day. It was so lovely of the folks putting on the show to think to have a fan blowing across the stage! Oh, that is divine! You get pretty darn hot up there, performing, when it’s hot outside! Very nice.

Got home and found that things here at the homestead were continuely improving as well. We’ve got a handle on orders, had a little extra windfall cash come in to help out and our to do cards are back down to a nice normal amount! Whew!

Now, there are a bunch of garage sales going on, up and down this one local highway and I really thought long and hard about it. I’ve decided that I’m not going. I have enough stuff, don’t need any more treasures at the moment. I tell you, it’s terrible. I go to these things and I find the VERY best things all the time! It’s a blessing and a curse! Sure, I get some great deals, but in the end, I’ll spend $100 in a heart beat on stuff that I didn’t know I needed but now can’t live without!! haha… I have a little stash of stuff already from the last couple big runs that I haven’t even sorted or hung up and utilized. That tells me I think I can pass on this garagesaleapalooza! There will be some other one in a week or two.

Instead, I made a list of all the things that we need to do around the place, that we already have the materials or resources to do and really need to be done. I’m hoping that by Monday, we’ll have the list at least whittled down by half. All of it would be SUPER DUPER WONDERFUL!!!!

• Clean the feed room
• Make a little anti-chicken door for the feed room
• Put the new weed whacker nylon blade thingy on the weed whacker
• Weed the front of the house and mulch out
• Make hay/bunny nests for the buns
• Rake out under the chicken roosts and spread a little fresh hay in barn
• Trim off the tops of the sticks in the stick fence
• Make Ed’s cage bottom insert
• Stain the bunny hutch
• Lawn mower tune up lesson
• Measure out the plywood needed for the little coop front wall

All smallish tasks and with a little luck and some nice temps, we should be able to tackle some of them. Of course, there will be sheep tickling and hen feeding and hopefully a little bit of iced tea sipping and sitting on the screen porch with a nice cool breeze time too! That would be nice.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned and can sit and smell the roses or whatever else you’d like to do… I’m happy to report that we have made it through our crazy week and things are back in control. With that, I’m off to bed and I’m sleeping in tomorrow. Yes, I am. At least 10 a.m. Maybe even longer!!! haha…

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