Sharp Knife!


Wow… that little knife of mine is super duper sharp! I actually cut potatoes into potato chips! WOW! Something about the hollow blade design allows it to slice through veggies and such like butta! I’m not so sure what they mean by hollow blade…. it does have these little ovals where the metal is removed or depressed, I think that is what they are talking about.

I noticed that Pioneer Woman used one on her cheese puff recipe today!!! How cool… we’re using the same knives!

Well her’s probably cost like 10 times as much as mine… she’s like that, you know.

Still… my friends… slicing and frying your own chips… and then sprinkling a little season salt and garlic on them and all? Wow… wonderful. Delightful. Yummy!


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Sharp Knife! — 1 Comment

  1. I have a similar knife and boy you have to be careful with that, huh? I’ve had it a few years now and haven’t had to have any stitches – yet! I also have the same tongs and flexible cutting board (Ikea!), love that thing. I’ve never tried making my own chips, but I have made french fries a few times.