Garden Dreaming and Plotting…


Yeah I know that I have about 3 months to wait…. and that if I keep this up, I’m going to exhausted before I put my first seed in the ground, but I can’t help it!! WAAAAA! I wanna garden so bad!!!

I’ll be putting in my first of many orders in for plants and seeds and such next week. I’m going to get a little Meyer Lemon Tree for my inside of the Moby. I’ve always wanted one and I’m going to get a nice pretty pot for it and baby the heck outta it. I think they are so cool and I want to try and grow lemons inside.

I also drew out a rough sketch of my yard and all I have done and planned and such. I went through my seeds and I have about half of what I want. Even the girls are a little excited, especially when I told them that they are each getting an experimental square foot garden of their own to compete with in the Moby test gardens. Each will get a 2 x 8 bed on either side of the shed and that gives them 16 spots to grow whatever they want. Carrots, broccoli and popcorn top the list so far. Oh and cukes. And some flowers. Sounds good.

Against my better judgement I am planning to start some plants indoors and give it a try. I have some heirloom stuff and just weird stuff that I want to try and see how it goes. I’m going to use the toilet paper tube method of getting them going. Yeah, you save toilet paper tubes and then with a few little snips at one end, you can tuck those in, fill with dirt and layer them in a plastic tub. Apparently, they will grow very nicely in the tube, not need to be moved from the starting tray to another peat pot and then after a couple 4-6 weeks will be ready to pop right into the garden, tube and all, which at that point is pretty much falling apart.

We’ll see. My biggest problem with starting plants early is space, varmits and light. Space, well, that’s pretty obvious, I do live in a fairly small moby. Varmits… well the kitties like to graze upon my litttle green babies, or worse, just poke and dig around in the dirt. And the ferrets! Lord have mercy if they find them… there’s nothing better to a house weasel then to dig up a plant or wreck havoc with little plant babies! And the light issue… I just seem to end up with the wierd leggy plants that aren’t really that great later on and half will croak and make me a very sad gal.

But I am going to try again. Mostly to take the edge off waiting to garden I suppose. I’ve set my date at St. Patrick’s Day. That will give me about 6-8 weeks before official planting time. It might have to be the day after, because I think we have an Opry date… haha… but still, you get the picture. We’ll see how many tubes we have saved up by then!

And I plan to add about 4 or 5 major raised beds to make my final dream Moby garden. That will be wonderful and we can start that in the end of March, first of April. I also want to create one bed as a cold frame bed and see how that goes. Can’t wait!!!

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Garden Dreaming and Plotting… — 2 Comments

  1. I have a few rules with gardening this coming year. I will not grow anything that other local gardeners sell or put out for free. That space can be a lot more productive with growing beets then growing zuchinni which people practically give away same with tomatoes. Another rule is that my dad will have no part in it. It sort of ruined last year’s.

  2. I’m excited for you, I wish I had something I was so passionate about! You have beautiful handwriting by the way.