For you Sharon!


Sharon sent me a lovely Christmas Card! Thank you!!! And she asked to see my Christmas Tree…. well, here you go! Ask and you shall receive!

I like this view of it.. for some reason that above one is a little blurry.

Here’s one of my favorite-est ornaments… I actually got it when I a little kid!
I think it came from Ft Wayne, as I remember the story. I believe my Nana got it for me. It still have my little name plate on his saddle!

Of course, I love my new squirrel ornament that my dear daughters for me for my birthday! I love squirrels… I think they are awesome.

And we love feeding the birds and all, and so we have alot of pretty little bird ornaments that are special as well. We have a lot of special ornaments and I’ll try and take a few more pictures of them… mostly just for myself. But I’ll share…

We had a lovely Christmas and it’s been nice to get back to a little bit of a routine… a little laid back still, but a little calmer and all. We’ve all taken some nice naps and did some reading, a little house chores and of course a little blogging. I’ve reached my goal of being under 10 cards by the new year… in fact I’m down to 8! Considering that I still have about 2 or so days left… I think I’m going wonderfully! I’m hoping to get another one or two done by then! What a wonderful feeling!

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For you Sharon! — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Sherri! The tree looks wonderful, it’s so beautifully decorated. I’m so happy you could get all your special ornaments and everything out of storage this year. Much better then last year’s pole. Love the train around the bottom too!