$100 for a Home


Wow… You know…  $100 for something that is livable?   Why in the heck are more people not flocking to this option?  Okay, yeah, a $100 mobile home is not pretty, and needs a little TLC but for gosh sakes folks… $100?  What on earth can you do wrong to a $100 mobile home?   And your lot rent will be under $400 MAX….  probably more like $300…   and ANYTHING you do to it increases it’s livablity.  Okay, maybe if you’re rich or whatever, but for young families, working people, college kids, retirees…   I don’t understand why people pass up this option for living like there is something bad about it.  I’m laughing all the way to the bank!   I actually live on less than $1200 a month.  And that includes a $200 a month CAR PAYMENT!

I just can’t help myself to wonder why people won’t consider this form of urban homesteading.   It’s like here…. have a home for like nothing, fix it and make it yours and you only have to pay a little bit a month.   FAR FAR less than ANY home payment.  Your taxes will be SUPER cheap, and you’ll have time to save up money for a larger home, or pay your debt off, or just live comfortably and do what you want to do, like say, start a small business or go to school…

But sadly, people think moble homes are not worthy.

Oh well.    I think about that when I hear folks up to their eyeballs in debt and consumed with having to work more and more and more, just to keep going.   The ecomony is not so sweet right now.  Imagine being able to live comfortably on only $1000 a month.   It’s recession proof living.

And we’re allowed to have gardens and pets, and other pleasant things that you can’t get in any apartment or nasty rental house…   more people need to wake up and realize that this is a very viable option…   and you can make the park more valuable to your community by moving in and taking care of your home.   The folks in my park, for the most part, care about thier homes and take the time and effort to keep them nice and tidy.   We have very little crime and people wave and smile and say hello when they are out walking.   It’s a wonderful park and I love it.

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