Business Organization

When you live in a 900 square foot mobile home and you run a business out of that moby… you better be prepared to be organized… or else?

Well, we let the closets get really out of hand and it was difficult to find ANYTHING in there without a road map, a flashlight and a bag lunch!

The shipping closet was not too hard to organize… it had just gotten a little out of hand, with all the holiday choas… so we had it in order within an hour…  looks good…


But the main stock closet?   With umpteen hundred pounds of rocks and stock and fossils and all… oh my gosh.   That took us about 3 hours to dismantle, sort and label and find boxes and organize!




Finally we began to reassemble it…  and behold!  It was a place of organization and happiness….   what a joy!   And the rock peasants rejoiced!


And even Jessy admitted… it was good.


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