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Jess and I have been sick all week long with a bad chest cold!   Ugh!  Haven’t had one in for years so I guess we were both overdue with a little shot of misery.   Finally started to feel a little better yesterday, so we decided that a little work might feel good after pretty much not accomplishing much all week long.

This bare stud wall in my office has been bothering me…  mostly because I knew I had the materials to fix it nice and it wouldn’t take too long, but we just didn’t have it in us.  Today was the day!   I measured out the space, being mindful to measure in a few spots because these old hundred year houses are not very plumb and perfect!   In fact this opening actually varied almost an inch from top to bottom on the side!   Good thing I measured it in several places.


Once it was measured, I cut the drywall piece and rough fitted it in the spot!  Almost perfect!  I had to do a wee bit of adjusting to my cut, but it was pretty close.  And snug.   I actually had to use a soft rubber mallet to gently tap in the upper corner as it was snug.  I also marked where the stud was running so that I could screw the drywall into it easily.   This is from experience…  finally learning!  Usually, I will put up drywall and then have to punch a few holes in the wall first to find the dang stud!  Not this time…  it was easy as pie.


Since I still had some green paint left from the dining room and the accent wall in my office is green, I figured it would be a good match.   Painted it up, let it dry and then hung my little bulletin board up and I think it’s darling!  SO much better than before, just an old open stud wall.

I plan to go and give my office a new paint job and play around with the decor a bit maybe later this spring.  Right now, I don’t have the energy to start another project with basically five open projects in the works!   (Dining room, bath, living room, big office and studio!)  I think this little doorway conversion is the best my office will get for awhile!   Actually, I’m just so happy in that space anyway, now that I moved my beloved drafting table in there and such a few weeks ago.   And it’s warm finally, with all that was done to the house.  Just a happy little camper in there, my little creative space.

DSC_0750 DSC_0753

And for our finale…   we cut and hung the last piece of drywall in the dining room!  Over the header and opening!  Yeah!  I did the drywall patch on the seams and it has to dry overnight.   Then it can be sanded and painted.   On Monday, I’ll be getting the materials to close in the opening sides, trim to make it all just lovely.  Not sure yet if I’m going to paint it green, or white.   I almost think that the green would be less noticable and allow the two rooms to sort of blend together.  I guess it might be one of those wait and see sort of decorating decisions.  Can’t wait for it all to be done though, so very close….



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