Scotty at the Spa…


I started back to freelance work for our friend and client, Jerry from Jerry’s Auto Sales and Salvage here in Archbold, Ohio.   Super great guys!   They have been like family to us and we so appreciate them.   I haven’t been helping as much with all the medical issues but I’m over that and ready to start helping again with their website, Facebook page and all graphic arts needs.

When I stopped in first of the week, we got to talking and I had a question about our old van making a good deal of road noise up front…  thought I might have busted a band in a tire or something… but turns out, nope…  wheel bearings are going bad!  Oh no…  but not to worry, they have the parts ordered and in a few days I will bring him back in for the repair.  But in the meanwhile, I had a few other little things that were bugging us and Jerry said, bring him around, lets give him a check over!

While I was out taking pictures of sales cars… brrrrr, they gave Scotty a good going over and a little spa treatment in the warm garage!  He got his turn signal front bulb changed… (we changed the back one and it didn’t solve the no blink problem… come to find out it was the wee little one under the bumper that was bad!!!)  and his headlights buffed out (they were very dim!) and his sliding door on the side was gunky and sluggish.   They got it cleaned out and greased up good and its awesome now!   And checked the fluids and the tires and all that.   Everything is fine!   I just am so thankful for these guys, they take a load off my mind with our old van and vehicles…  I know they will help us stay on the road, safe and sound!

We’re waiting for a big surprise…  over the holidays we purchased a baby sister for old Scotty…  she’s getting some work done so we are not going to debut her arrival until all is said and done, but we are very very excited…  Scotty is a good old boy, but he could certainly use light duty to stay working and helpful for us for many years to come.  He’s our hay hauler and critter getter…  He would last a good long time if he was just that for us and not our daily drive.  And we will save on gas and such too with a little more economical ride.   Stay tuned… we’re so excited!!!

In the meanwhile, I’m so thankful for our good friends at the junk yard!  They are super awesome and fun to be around as well!   :-)


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