Waiting… Waiting…


If you’ve been to the farm, you probably have met Miss Buttercup.   She is my most favorite goat and she is such a sweetheart.   She has totally changed the way I think about goats.

She’s just my little farm yard buddy.   She would follow me just about anywhere.  When we go for walks, she has to keep me in sight or she bleats and cries like a big baby.   She’s very calm and gentle.   She can be a little stinker at times as she is the goat herd queen and keeps everyone in line.

We are waiting for her to kid…  she’s due any day now.   All the signs point towards eminent  kidding time…  her tail ligaments are loosened, she’s developed quite an udder and she’s restless.  Her udder is starting to de-fuzz as well, and get all nice and smooth.   Yup…  any day now!


Everyone loves Princess Buttercup.   She’s always the center of the crowd!


Daisy says…  “I can’t wait for her to have her kid… so we’ll be just alike!  My son Jelly Bean is such a source of pride and happiness for me! ”

Of course, she is very happy that Jelly Bean has learned how to escape and cause trouble, just like Miss Daisy!   Bad goaties…


As you can see in this delicate photo…  someone is getting very poofy!   Big belly and big udder…   Should be soon!!


Here she is warming her bun in the oven.  Haha…

DSC_0924She’s been a little clingy and wants a lot of attention.

And donuts.

And posion ivy.

Those are a goats favorite foods you know.


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