Mudroom Redux…


Well, over the winter…  the mudroom just sort of got out of hand.   I wish I had taken a picture of it, so you could see just how awful it had gotten.   It was the last stopping point before you went into the house and were out of the cold, so it just gathered stuff.   Tools and buckets and just lots and lots of farmy stuff.  You could hardly walk in there!   And it was all a mess, just any old place and just..  frustrating.   All the pony gear and harnesses and such were in there, too…  it was awful.

So Jess and I moved everything out.  Into the screen porch.   We pitched anything broken or not wanted or trash.  We sorted it all.   It took days!   Then we cleaned the space and painted the floors.   And ripped off the yucky old indoor/outdoor carpet on the steps.   And cleaned.  More.  And more.


Getting there….  clean and empty, waiting for a power wash and dry.


Just some of all the stuff we removed!  Ugh!   But it was easy to sort through it once it was out of the mud room.


And poof!   So much better!   We had this little shelf unit in the kitchen and it wasn’t quite working out in there.   So, we moved it into the mudroom and got a few new tote buckets.   We labeled them and sorted.   That is already helping a ton!   Now there is a place for everything!

We also gathered up like items and found good homes for them.   I had no clue we had so many extension cords until we gave them their own shelf!  Hung a few things we use a lot on the walls…   and all the power tools and garden equipment, like the weed whacker, they went into the little cupboard at the top of the stairs.

Some of the stuff will be going out to Maggie’s garage workshop once she gets it all clean and tidy, ready for use.   But right now, it’s working out just fine.  We just love it!   If we can keep it this way for a month or so, it will probably stay like this.   At least until the winter hits again!

DSC_0622 DSC_0623

And the best part is that we got the screen porch back to enjoy…  of course, it was still a bit cluttered with all the horsey stuff when I shot this… but rest assured, it’s all been put away!  The equine equipment got a couple big boxes and is all tidy and waiting to go back to the feed room that is becoming a new tack room soon!   It feels so nice to have things organized!   I know it takes a while to get everything super nice, but we just keep working on it.  Someday!!!


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