WIndhaven Drive Thru Window…



Yes, I’d like an apple and one of those hay kabobs…. and another apple!




An order of weed crunchies, with chicken food on the side.   Oh, yes and a alfalfa shake.




I want the sweet feed platter with a side of apple pie.  And I’ll have one of those strawberry shakes with the apple on the top!



Whenever we are in the screen porch, everyone has to come and poke their nose in and see what we are doing.  The screen porch is a little ragged…  we wanted to redo it all this summer but with the various things in action, we just didn’t get to it this year.  Next summer for sure!   In the meanwhile, enjoy our goofy animals as they request their favorite fast food!

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WIndhaven Drive Thru Window… — 2 Comments

    • I love my ponies… they are just so awesome. I love my sheepies too! And my goaties…. and kitties. And doggies… oh, darn it, I just love all our animals!!!! Roosters too! Everyone should have some ponies!!! Ponies need good forever homes…