Our Harvest Party…


We had our bi-annual harvest party get together last Sunday…  Bi-annual is correct, right?  We have one every other year, so it now seems!  Well, anyway…  we had a harvest party, camp fire, potluck Homestead Clan and friends gathering!  First order of business was getting some wood chopped and the fire going!  Thank goodness we had some expert help!  We tried out our new firewood wedge and that thing is a dandy!


It’s always fun to have a nice campfire an the early Fall afternoon!


Okay, now look closely… this is probably one of the last times you’ll see me chopping wood.  I am just not very good at it!  (Who called me a whimp?  Hmmmm? )  Well, considering that I had a great grandfather who died from a self inflicted ax wound, I believe it’s probably not in my genes to be given this task too much!!!)


Maggie turned out to be our champion wood splitter of the family!  Imagine that!!!


We just love have youngsters out at our little farm.  It’s the best thing to see them run around, have a good time and end up with a chicken or two in their lap!


The animals wore name tags.   Hahaha….


It was a good gathering, not a ton of folks, but as we like to say, the important ones!  haha…

Or well, the ones with nothing better to do.  I think?

One of these days, we’ll have a real big huge party and that will be so much fun!   But until then, we do love our intimate gatherings of friends!


Haha… Raven is such the party rooster.

See him trying to impress Lizzie with his dashing good looks and party attire.

DSC_0033 DSC_0034

Everyone knows Buttercup.  She wants to know why the heck she has to wear a tag!


Cody loves his little girl friends…  he’s such a little girl magnet!


Shadow came to visit for a little bit as well.  He wasn’t totally sure, but still, he enjoyed the nice pats and attention.

DSC_0042 DSC_0055

Hannah was really enjoying all the critters!   They figured out that she had goodies to share!!!


Miss Peggy really got around.  She’s one of the nicest hens…   Maggie is letting her warm up in her coat!  haha…


Princess Buttercup by firelight…


Even Duke Kitty joined the party as the smores came out!


As it got chilly out, Buttercup showed off her new talent.  Self roasting goat rotisserie!

The silly doe, she would slowly walk around the pit, on the edge, warming herself and then reach a point and turn around so the other side would get warmed!  She’s a smart one!

We had such a lovely time, visiting and talking and touring and meeting livestock, just fun!  And good food…  warm fire, chilly fall night…  just a nice perfect end to our October social calender!


Miss Daisy was so tuckered out at the end of the party…  so much fun, treats and excitement for this little goatie!   She found a warm chair by the fire and dozed off!

See ya all in two years!!!!   :-)


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