Introducing Moonshadow…


When one of your homestead clan friends texts you and says he’s got a pony for Cody that needs a home…  you think about it for a bit, and then think, heck, why not.

Sure, I’m looking for my dream horse, my halfinger gelding, 15+ years old, dead broke and one speed, sweetheart trail horse, stocky build…  but for some reason, perfect horses like that are not so easily found for cheap or free.  Still, someday.


But for now, I know that Cody is lonely for an equine pal.  His own little herdmate, his BFF…  I was so sad that Domingo didn’t work out, that I’m a little afraid to say yes to just any little horse.   But Justin has been around horses forever, has quite a few and I trust his judgement.  When he said this little fellow was a sweetheart, a little shy, about eight years old and a gelding…  it sounded just perfect.  I said, sure, bring him over.


Oh my gosh, it was love at first sight.   Cody heard Shadow’s whinny when he first arrived off the trailer and came running, calling back, so excited.   He pranced back and forth like a school boy at the courtyard fence and we let them have a good sniff for a moment.  These pictures are all from the first hour!  Right away they were talking and nibbling and playing with each other.  They are so perfect… almost exactly the same size!  Cody is 34 inches and Shadow is 36 inches.


Here’s the scoop…    Shadow… or officially, Moonshadow…  is a non-registered miniature horse.  He may look like a pony, but if you look at the picture above, you can see… his legs are longer, and thinner, than Cody’s.  His build is a little less stocky, more horse like.  His face is a little longer, more horse like.  His name was Moony, but we liked the idea of calling him Moonshadow…  a bit of his old name and a bit of his new name!  He’s really Cody’s Shadow…  as the two are pretty much inseparable at this point.


Believe it or not, he’s really a grey pinto.  If you look closely, he’s got gray patches on his eyes and he’s got gray patches on his knees.   He’s already in his shaggy winter coat so it’s hard to really tell what he might look like in a sleeker summer coat.   He’s got a grey tail and forlock, and as he ages, he will probably turn more gray.  He’s got one blue eye, and the other is a light brownish blue.  He’s adorable.


He and his siblings were hanging out at this older couple’s farm.  Pretty much just pasture pets and all.  Justin had made a deal to buy the little mares and a stud, but instead the deal got a bit mixed up and he didn’t get the stud, but this gelding!   Well, he made another deal and got the stud as well, and really didn’t want the gelding, so he immediately thought of us and Cody!


Well, I was so thrilled to see Shadow come right over to Maggie and take an apple.  And he was really comfortable with the sheep and the new place right away.   And he is a sweetie.  I am certain he’s never known a mean word or a bad habit.  He may not be super trained, but training from a blank slate is so much better than trying to undo bad habits!


And he’s been around other animals and took the sheep and goats in stride.   As long as his new BFF Cody was with him, he was timid, but not freaky or weird at all.  Just a super nice little guy!!!  SO perfect… we were so pleased.  And still am!!!


He and Maggie are really hitting it off.  I’m so happy.  Maggie loves Cody for sure, but Cody is really my little pocket stallion.   He is a Momma’s boy.   But Shadow seems to be ready to accept anyone and since he’ll probably see a bit more of Maggie during the fall and winter, I believe the two will bond  quite nicely.


Just for the record.  Momma Noel does not approve of more equines.

They are big, pushy and nasty.  Yes, very very nasty.

In her opinion.


Shadow was so happy, he had to plop down for a big roll and just left Cody standing there puzzling.  Or waiting.   Cody was so excited I was worried that he would forget about me!!!  But thankfully, after a good day of excitement with his new friend, he returned to being my little sugar booger in no time.


But I thought it was so sweet when Shadow came over and gave me a good sniff over and then bumped heads with me.   He really is a sweetheart!


After a bit of getting to check the place out, they commenced to playing.   First a little buck and kick fun..


Then a bit of GRAB MY LEG…  haha…


Then thunder ponies, stallions of the outback….


Then circus pony prancing…


Finally the two boys decided it was time for a kickin’, buckin’, ripping’ and farting good time and ran around the place a lap or two at a good gallop.


Then a little more ninja pony kicking and grabbing…   all in good sport, trust me.


Then when they were all tuckered out…  they went under the wind chime tree to stand and rest and groom each other.  Awwww…. it was enough to break your heart, or cry in happiness…  Cody was so happy with his little buddy.  Someone to hang out with, and play with, to groom the itchy spots and to graze with and swish flies together.  No longer did he have to worry about napping when the coyotes were out there.  Someone to watch his back and a new back to watch.  You could just see two super happy little ponies out there, just being so sweet and bonding with each other.


I love this picture.  It says it all.   Cody is just submitting to his new buddy and so comfortable with him already.  Just within an hour.  It was love at first sight.  Horses need a buddy.   Sure the sheep and goats were part of his flock, but I think he thought of them more as his little herdmates, like children he had to watch over.  Not his peers.  Shadow is one of his own kind.  An equine…  proud and tall, made of thunder pony gallops and soft nuzzles.

I think little Moonshadow just won the pony lottery.   He’s got a new forever home if I have anything to say about it.  And I think the girls are just as in loved with him as Cody is.  He’s been here now about 10 days and he’s just settled in so nicely.  I haven’t seen a single bad habit in him.  We’ve been working very very slowly with a little training.  Mostly just lead line work and establishing some boundaries.  I’m of a mind that equines, even little ones, need to be respectful of us human beings.   And that means getting out of our way, not crowding, and just being careful around our soft mushy feet.  Cody is super good about it.  Shadow is learning quickly.  I have had him on a lead a couple times now, just short ten minute sessions, with Cody as the patient example and teacher.  It will be a breeze to get him very nice and comfy with a few little training bits.  He’s already catching on beautifully!

At first, alone, he was not that thrilled with the lead.   Not upset mind you, as he doesn’t mind you holding his halter at all.   I suspect that the previous owners didn’t do too much, other than say, grab his halter and walk him here or there.    He is super fine with that.   But the lead rope?  He was confused by it, didn’t want to walk when I did, would walk around me, not stop, etc.  So I called Cody over and got another lead and popped him on it.  Cody has excellent ground manners on a lead.  He will pace with you as you walk, will stop when you stop, will step aside if you step towards him, just super good and patient.  So I’ve just been walking the two together and I’ll be…  Shadow is getting it after a few sessions.  If that’s all we accomplish in the first month or so, I’ll be very happy.  If he can learn to walk nicely and politely on a lead with Cody and then, without Cody, that will be a great start.

Seeing how nicely they walk together and just how bonded they are after such a short bit, I think they will ultimately make a great little team of ponies!   My little boys will be a strong team.  Who needs 2 tons of draft horse to make a good, smart little team of equines?  My pair of ponies, when properly trained and harnessed with the right gear could easily pull about 800 to 1,000 pounds in a good rig.  Easily!  Shetland ponies alone are quite sturdy and tough.   Pound for pound, they are the strongest of the horse world!  My dream would be to get a smart little wagon, not huge, just enough for say me as a driver and then a cargo area for feed or hay, or little kids, or maybe a passenger.  They are out there!  We’ll just have to take it all one step at a time.

In the meanwhile.  I’m soooooo happy for Cody Pony.   The best pony in the universe sure deserves a mini horse of his own, don’t you think??


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