February Glass City Opry


We just had our February Glass City Opry Show.   It was a great one!

Over 220 paid guests and a lot of freebie kids and such… it was a great crowd!  One of our best.

My two buddies from our band, play with their friends in a family band called the North End String Band.   They mostly just pick at the house and around the dining room table.  But we had a cancellation and at the last minute we asked if they could fill in and they said sure!   They were all excited.   We normally don’t offer the Opry to a new band like that, but we knew they would put on a great show.  And besides, they’re our friends.  (g)   Membership has it’s privledges.


We asked Kerry and Todd Varble to come and pick a couple in the middle of the sets, to help them to show off their teaching school and all.   That was cool.  Kerry, in the middle, she is the reigning 2008 Bluegrass Fiddle Champion of Ohio!  How cool is that?


And to top off the night, we had a great local band, Lonesome County, from up around Ann Arbor come and play as the main band.   It was a good night.  Got some good video footage too… I’ll share that with you.

I love the Opry when it comes around once a month.  We’ve spent a lot of money and time to get it going and there are always months that it seems to teeter on the edge of disaster…  but it keeps going and that’s awesome.   It’s always money…   it’s expensive to keep a show going like this when the times are tough.  I sure don’t have a lot of money to throw at it…   already invested close to 3 grand of my own into the pot as well as my two partners, Jeff and Dave.   Lot of money.   And I don’t think I’ll ever see it again.

But I love the memories that I have of the last 19 shows.   It’s wonderful.

And I hope I have years more to come.  :-)

Did I mention that I LOVE bluegrass music?

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Dump It Cake… Yummmmmm

Okay.. this is one of those things that I found in an old magazine and we tried it and it’s pretty darn good. Simple too.

It’s call a Dump It Cake. Basically because it’s really just dump some stuff in a pan and bake it and eat it. Great for beginning cooks or kids at college or moms that don’t have the time to make anything too fancy.

Basically, it’s like three ingredients.

A yellow cake mix, 2 stick of butter and a can of crushed pineapple.

You can add some walnuts to the mix if you want, but my kids don’t like them, so we never do.


Open and dump can of pineapple in to a pan.   I used a small pan, but to be honest, it works a little better if you use a 9 x 12 pan.    Much better.

Juice and all.


Kinda smooth it out evenish.   You can just shake the pan.  Remember, this is supposed to be QUICK and EASY.


Dump the cake mix over the top.


Kinda make sure it covers all the pineapple.

Not like rocket science here, and if you HAVE to, you can use a knife or spoon or something, if you feel this is bothering you that it’s so simple.


Melt the two sticks of butter in the microwave for a few moment, until it’s liquid.  Don’t burn it, or make it brown, or anything fancy.   Just enough to pour it all over the cake mix.


Simple is the key here….

Don’t mix it or anything like that.  Just pour, all over, kinda dribble and have fun.


Set oven for 350 degrees and pop this bad boy into the oven and let it cook about 30-40 minutes.  Keep you eye on it…  it should get nice and kinda brown looking…  lumpy is good.


Perfect!  Well, maybe just a little done well… but it still works good.   Like I said, this is really a no brainer desert.


You can serve it with vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream or maybe Coolwhip…. yeah….  or just eat it warm and yummy and crumbly…

I imagine you could use other smushed fruit topping.   I wonder what cherry fruit and a chocolate cake mix would be like.  ooooooh….. Trailer Park Black Forest Cake!   hahahahaha….

Yeah.   That’s fancy eatin.

Save that for your in-laws.

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Dixie Kitty Protests

Dixie Chicky is protesting the first kitty post that I put up here.

She says, that Luna is not the only kitty at the homestead here with beautiful green eyes….

And she’s right.


Our other kitty… Dixie, she has pretty green eyes too and with her nice Reese’s cup coloring… (not sure how else to describe it…  ) emerald eyes go just nicely with her complexion…. or is that coat?


She thanks you for a moment of your time to correct this grave oversite.

Dixie Chicky believes in fair use of the internet for pet pictures.


Gypsy on the otherhand…  she just doesn’t like to be so well, public.   She’s camera shy.   She’s a Belgian Shepdog and well, they are supposed to be aloof and quiet.

Yeah right.

Hahaha….  only when there is a camera around.

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